Kite’s, the new in thing!

Grandpa also got the kids kite’s for Christmas. It took a few days of nagging and waiting for wind but we finally got them up.

Did you know, that a box kite that get’s let go on a very windy day can go a very long way all on it’s own??

Well, we do now! Dexter’s simply ended up over the fence in the back ground. But when Jaxon did it, the thing nearly went over the school with no sign of dropping. If Daddy hadn’t jumped on the string at the very last minute, we may have lost it!

20131226_192238 20131226_193934

Boats and Spiders

Grandpa gave the boys a boat each for Christmas. So we went down to the local dam and gave them a whirl.

Well, one of the boats got stuck in some weedy stuff. So I suggested Tim go and get a log to pull it out.

The log he got to do this with was very large. The end he decided to put in the water was the heavy end. I innocently told him it would be easier to put the lighter end in when I noticed there was a MASSIVE spider on the end of the log.

This thing was huge!! And it was NOT happy with me!

YouTube Preview Image

20131124_105457 20131124_105947

Mum’s Birthday

It just so happened that my birthday fell on the day our Victorian Groodles decided to have a meet up. So the kids got to go to the dog beach at Ocean grove.

Jaxon’s never seen the ocean like this. He has seen a tide out, and he has seen tiny little lap waves. He’s played on muddy beaches.  But he has never seen the ocean alive like this.

I think he may have loved it!

Darwin Five

Because Tim and I were unable to be there for the night that Mum had her 60th Birthday on a harbor cruise we were lucky enough to be given free tickets to the cruise ourselves. So Mum and James looked after the boys while we went out and had a lovely time on the boat…KID FREE! Magic!

Darwin Four

Because we were at the back of the plane and we waited until it was almost empty to get off, the cabin crew thought Jaxon and Dexter were the kids behind us traveling alone and supervised by the stewardess’. So when we walked by they were invited in to the cock pit to say hello. Jaxon was tickled pink. Dexter and Gordy didn’t give a shit!

Darwin Three

Sleeping on the plane…

Sleeping on the edge. He did eventually roll off, despite our best efforts to push him back.

Too cute not to share!

Jaxon loves sleeping with Dexter. He is now always saying he’s lonely and needs to sleep with us… :(

Happy Birthday Mum!

Before I start sharing photo’s of our absolutely fantastic holiday to Darwin I must first remind you WHY we were going in the first place!

This woman…


Happy Birthday Mummy! You’re the most beautiful woman I know!

Thank you for our experience.

Love, *US*

The following photo is an example of why two year olds and camera’s with a 2 millisecond lag from when you push the button to when it TAKES the photo do NOT mix! Dexter WAS in the photo when I pushed the button!

Darwin One

I know, I didn’t even put up the last Darwin photo’s!

Here are some from this little trip we took. The weather was MUCH nicer. We might even go as far as saying it was awesome.

Our first little venture was to the Aquascene fish feeding.

That massive fish, and many other statues about the Aquascene venue were hand carved by the man who started feeding the fish years ago. They are glorious!


Peppa Pig. Bloody Peppa Pig. I am sick and tired of Peppa Pig! Three weeks running now and nothing different we’ve tried has influenced Dexter enough to stop wanting to watch Peppa Pig, TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY!

We nearly got a bite with Toy Story. He sat for almost all of the second movie. We even had a day with him walking around with Woody and another with Buzz. But our two day break from Peppa, did not last long.

If you’ve not watched Peppa Pig then you might not know that Peppa Pig has a baby brother George. And the most you ever hear George say is “Dinosaur, Rarrrrr”

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

The Tongue of Concentration

It would seem that the tongue of concentration is hereditary. I know I tend to stick my tongue out while I am painting and I have seen it in other member’s of Tim’s family as well as a few of my own while concentrating on the task at hand.

Jaxon-ism’s 991

The evening before Anzac day.

Jaxon: Mum can I play with your tablet tomorrow??

Mum: Nope. I’ve told you, it’s my phone. Not a toy. You can only play with it on Friday afternoons.

Jaxon: But Mum, at the Anzac day assembly today the principle told us all that if our Mum or Dad have a tablet we are allowed to play with it on Anzac day because it’s a day off and we should have fun.

Mum: Oh Really? Did they write a note too??

Nice try.

Try harder!

Lucky, the Oddball Cat

The other night I had a bath. It was just Lucky and I up and while the bath filled he came and sat on my chest.

That’s where Lucky HAS to be. On your chest, or in your face. Or ON your head. Basically, in your way.

Well, the warm water kept rising and rising and that cat did not move! Half way up his back, with his tail floating, Lucky stayed on my chest. Nothing was going to make him move!

Here’s a few pics of our growing pussy!

Jaxon and Lucky experimenting with objects in a bowl of water over the school holidays. They were playing “Will it float?” (the skateboard, does not float. But doesn’t quite sink either!)

Like Brother…like brother??

But not quite right??

These photo’s clearly happened years apart.

The one on the left displaying Jaxon at his lowest moment in his third year of life. Being busted emptying a bottle or two of baby powder in his room while unsupervised. Tim and I both remember clearly that when we went in trying desperately not to laugh at what he had done he started pointing here and there saying “I hurt myself here, here and here, and I wet my pants”

The one on the right, taken not three hours ago is Dexter’s handy work. Possibly the highest point in his second year of life. See the proud look on his face?? Know what he said when we growled at him for doing it?? “DOUG DID!” DOUG!”

Dougie Dumbass

Yep. That’s Dougie’s Surname.

He is the perfect, shining example of a well behaved dog on lead. He sits, drops, stays, sits back up, stays and turns and all this other stuff most of your dogs will never know the meaning of. He’ll even come on command. But you let him off that lead and it’s almost as if you disappear! Especially if there is food or Lucky about.

Anyway. Somehow, despite all of his puppy floors, I love him. And I love training with him of a Saturday afternoon. Where I get to be proud of him and show off a little because 1) He is a stunning looking dog and 2) he is exceptionally good on lead.

Well, about three weeks ago we participated in what the club call’s a Fun Day. I had no idea what that actually meant, but it sounded like FUN and they did a sausage sizzle. Who could refuse hey??

Of 47 dogs in our class (level 1) Dougie and I came Third. Oh how I wish we had come first. But alas, we shall need to try harder. Or release rabbits for the 46 other contestants! We were graduated to Level 2 that day and given a pretty white ribbon to hang on the wall.

Level Two has been interesting to say the least. Being that Dougie just does not like men, or strangers. My new trainer walked by a few times. Offered food a few times. And Dougie seemed very content to take that food and give a little tail wag. But when that same trainer tried to demonstrate a move with Dougie, who is very good at said move compared to the other 10 dogs in our little group, things didn’t quite go to plan.

At first, Dougie was fine. He walked along, heeling as he would normally do. And sitting when he was told. But then!! Dougie LOOKED UP. And if he could have talked he would have said “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY MUMMY!?” Because two seconds later said male trainer was holding on to Dougie’s lead for dear life as Dougie tried to escape him, doing circles around and around him like a little puppy merry go round.

Anyway. Here are some Fun Day Photo’s. No matter what any one else thinks, I am proud of my dog, proud of the training I do with him and proud that we came third.

Dexter Dancing

Dexter LOVES music and dancing!! He often get’s caught bopping to hippy hoppy kind of songs in the back seat of the car but if we try to catch it on video he stops! This was a +41 degree day so I think his brain was a little fried and I took advantage!

YouTube Preview Image

Jaxon’s Birthday

A visit to Grandpa’s seems to have become the tradition for January. We went last year too, though I think we missed the year before because Dexter was still too little to go on the ground down there.

This time, the tide was out. Which meant lot’s and LOT’s of MUD!!

Dad’s beautiful beach. You’ll just have to trust me on that! When the water’s in, it’s a great beach for swimming at! Jaxon is learning that you can dig to China here. Dookie is helping him. Sinking!The Isle Of JaxonThis is a cropped picture. Dougie is a LONG way out in the mud! We thought we’d have to wade out there to get him back!Look at that mud! This was half way through the mudification process. Yep. it got worse! (Look at his freaky foot!)If I have learned anything at Dad’s beach it is this.
My kids are NOTHING LIKE ME!! I have to teach them everything. They wont be talked or bribed in to learning anything (like say, MUD IS COOL!) without being shown. “What?”Teaching them, once again, that if you wiggle in the mud you can sink. Not one of them would 1) Believe me and 2) Give it a try!! I kind of got a little worried that I might be stuck here!Dad walked them home so we didn’t have muddy dog in the car. Yup. This dog, the muddy dog, is telling me “Oh hell no! I ain’t getting wet!” Dexter LOVES to play with water. Dad’s beautiful garden. I LOVE sitting in his garden and having the birds come in to feed. This little gnome has been sitting in Dad’s (my) back yard for so long now that if I was a little kid still I might think they actually just grew in every back yard. I painted him back up when I was about 10. I did a fairly bad job of it. but Dad kept him that way. As with the gnome. This kangaroo has been sitting in our back yard for longer than I’ve been alive. He started out life with my grandparents on Mum’s side. I believe anyway. Which means he must be pre-1980. I also painted him when I was 10, but he’s since had another artist take to him. That’s a wasp nest on his hands. Poor lil fella. Dougie all clean. Jaxon with his birthday cake. I adore this photo. I wish Dexter and I were in it too!!Dookie checking out his old master. Mexxie is an old lady now. She’s nearly seven. Jaxon with his birthday present. He and Dexter love this thing, even though we hate it for it’s NOISE!

Groodle Day Out!

Post one in the catch up. I guess I should post these as they happened. So I know for future reference.

We went to the local dog beach to meet up with 20 odd other crazy groodle owners who I met on facebook. It was a very hot day, but it was lovely to go in the water and play with the puppies. Even if, Dexter got knocked over by random dog not a part of our group and Jaxon…well he was just Jaxon and didn’t like anything about the day!

That photo of Tim and Jaxon actually has all three of my boys in it. Dexter is between Tim’s legs in front of him.

Jaxon-ism’s 3575

I was having a hot bubble bath at 2.30 in the morning when I heard a few very hard bumps in the night coming from Jaxon’s room.

After the second one I thought I had better go and check on him.

When I opened his door my jaw nearly hit the ground and I’m pretty sure if I’d had coke in my mouth I would have spurted it out of my nose.

Jaxon was laying flat on his back. He was wearing his warm red hoodie. But he had no pj bottoms on. Only blue undies.

The kicker? He had also somehow managed to stuff two ducky’s and a rather large soft spiderman doll in to the jacket.

He had red arms, yellow feet and beaks poking out everywhere! He looked like Santa’s toy sack full of toys poking out here and there. Or a body builder gone very wrong. To be more accurate, a body builder gone wrong with ghostly white chicken legs. SO. You know what comes next right?



I quickly ducked out to get the camera. While I was walking back to his room I got worried that my opening his door and walking in closer would wake him. Which would of course be a pain in the ass for me but more importantly, I’d miss the BEST sleeping photo EVER!

So I did a video instead. I got as far as whispering into the microphone “This one can’t be missed” when, once I got to the crack in the door he totally busted me trying to sneak in! WITH the camera!!

Bad Mummy!! 0

Unfortunately he had already taken off his jacket and was replacing it with a t-shirt claiming he was just too hot.

Bugger! I think I really could have got a video on to Funniest Home Video’s.

Jaxon-ism’s 4562

Recently while cruising the isle’s of The Reject Shop I came across a couple little water squirter things. I thought both boys would be able to use them.

I was wrong. But anyway. Jaxon likes them.

Well Jaxon was playing with it and his tub of water under and on the trampoline. It didn’t look as innocent as it should have. I asked “What ya up to Jaxon?”

He replied quite matter of factly, “I was trying to get it to squirt over the fence” (where our neighbours were having a small gathering.

I said ‘I hope you’re not squirting our neighbours?’

“Well” he said,’they were arguing’

‘That’s got norhing to do with us’

‘Well actually, they were annoying!


Dexter has come a long way since grandma’s visit. I swear, it was like having Mary Poppin’s sweeping through to sort his grumpy stubborn and screaming little ass out.

Dexter has been a nightmare for us to cope with for months. He’s been refusing to talk or communicate in any other way than screaming for a long time.

If he was hungry while I was trying to cook he would be hugging on to my leg screaming about the terrible pain and suffering he’s going through.

If he dropped something he would stand and cry about it instead of doing the normal thing and just picking it up. If you run in to the wall on your bike don’t scream at it to move. Reverse your bike and go a different way!

Tim and I were at our witt’s end when Mum got here. We’d tried everything everyone had suggested. We’d looked up and followed advice from the google people by searching “Why is my 2 year old always screaming at me?”

Desperate times, desperate measures. Have major surgery, Mary Poppin’s to the rescue!

Mum swooped in and whipped him in to shape. She basically taught me how to deal with almost every thing that he’s doing. And possibly given him a new annoying trick!? What’s with the powder on the hand thing?

Tim and I now seem to be figuring Dexter out more and he’s laughing more than screaming.

I can not thank my Mum enough for what she has done. This is the third time she’s dropped everything in her own life without being asked and sacrificed her own needs to come and look after my family because we desperately need the help at short notice.

I don’t think there’s anything I could say or do to express our gratitude enough.