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Jaxon’s Introduction Montage

This one makes me cry every time I watch it. It makes me want to do it all over again. It also makes me a little sad, because I don’t remember so many of these moments. Thank goodness we went camera crazy because otherwise I would have no memories of this time at all.

YouTube Preview Image

Maddy’s Memory Montage

Ahh, Maddy. Sweet Maddy. Maybe my memory is a bit blurry from all the “got pregnant and had a baby and now have a toddler” hormones (yes, they exist!) because I do remember a time when I would have referred to her more often than not as “that fucking dog” If we’d still had her Jaxon’s first words would very likely have been “Maddy, get on your fucking mat” (instead it was G’Day and shit…ha!) and he would have repeated it over and over because we had to just to keep her there for 30 seconds. Don’t get me wrong, Maddy was a great dog and a huge part of our lives, but she sure was a huge handful and very head strong!

YouTube Preview Image

It’s a pity youtube have taken the music out of it. If you would like to watch the montage with music included please follow this link.

Seriously Mum, your cooking sucks!

This is by far one of my favorite video clips of Jaxon. Not only is it a funny clip, but it also shows how he and I interact. Whenever I feel detached or insecure, I like to watch this clip. It reminds me that in every day life I don’t see what’s really going on. I sometimes feel like I don’t speak to Jaxon enough. But here in this clip you can see that I communicate just fine with my son!

Just Because

I like this one because it was during a time when Jaxon was just beginning to laugh properly. That might sound funny but unless you know exactly how serious my little man can be, it’s not. Nothing ever gave us belly laughs. In fact, it’s damned hard to get one even now. Wait. I don’t think we’ve ever got natural actual belly laughs.

For a very long time all we got was this asthmatic kind of gurgle in the back of his throat that lasted all of 2 seconds before the little brow went up and the eyes got serious.


I like this one for obvious reasons. One, Tim is doing the dishes. Any woman that doesn’t agree with me on that one is out of their minds! But most importantly, it shows you the dynamics of the relationship we have. It shows you that we’re a jovial kind of couple that like to hang a bit of shit on each other. I fully believe that Tim and I have a very special relationship, and I do like to share that around, because it’s so nice to have!

Oh Dude!

Dude almost deserves a page all on his own. He’s such a dickhead. Of course I mean that in the nicest possible way. Dude is quickly overtaking our Queen Diva as being the best cat ever. Not only because he’s got such a huge personality, but because he adores and most importantly, tolerates Jaxon. Now that’s special!

If Dude could be any animal, he’d be a dog. Because he certainly doesn’t act like a cat. He’s so loyal to us. He’s with us 24/7. If we force him to go out to do his thing, he walks all but four paces and turns right back around to get back in. if we LOCK him out he climbs the doors or windows to get back in. If we move to another room, he goes to that room and climbs that window.

You know when you’re trying to sweep with a toddler in the house? Jaxon is always in front of the broom picking special bit’s of dust up. And Dude is always moving to right in front of where you’re sweeping and just plonking right there on the floor. If you sweep him up, so be it. He could care less. If I am pottering around the house, he’s right there with me. If I go to the pantry, he’s quick to get in. I have to actually remove him and close the door. If I then went to the linen cupboards, he’d be right in to them too. If I’m loading the dishwasher, he’s standing on the door. If I am loading the washing machine, he’s standing in the basin. He used to jump in the bath with Jaxon, and even now he sits on the edge and watches.

Right now, he’s laying on my foot. If Jaxon’s room was open, he’d be cuddled up at his feet. If I don’t lock him away over night, he sleeps ON MY SHOULDER!

When Tim first suggested the name “Dude” I was totally against it. But now, I love it. When he’s doing something stupid (which is almost always) I sound like a drugged up hippy, or like Otto from the Simpsons (Tim will be so proud, I made a Simpsons reference!) “DUDE!!”


This is just a smaller part of a bigger, much funnier video, that I probably wont be putting here. Saying Bye is Jaxon’s thing at the moment. He says Bye as you come and Bye as you go. He says Bye to the web cam when he’s talking to his Nanny and Poppy. And the other day he said bye to a total stranger who was just walking past us. He knows when I pick up my keys at the EDC that we’re going. Oh and at the pool the other day for hydrotherapy, he said “bye” like this to every single school girl who left the change room to go swimming!

Jaxon’s MRI and Ct Scan Images

You can read about these results here and here.

YouTube Preview Image

Twenty Four Hours with Boo

A time lapse video of our typical Friday. Cleaning day…yay! Taken on the 12th of December, 2008. One day before Terry’s 11 year anniversary. 11 years ago, I was camping on the Murray River with my high school buddies.

To Infinity, and Beyond!!!

Tim’s First Diagnosed MS Attack

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  2. Hey Jamie its Nikki Wickham Dont know if you remember me but if you do thats great Your son is so loverly congrats in all that you do

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