Video’s 11 – 12

I’ve been getting VERY lazy about posting video’s on the blog. Here’s some easy access to them!With time I’ll add links to the actual blog posts so you can read the stories too!

Click on the headings to go to blog posts.

Jaxon as an Irish Man (Big Boot!!)

Jaxon has the Hiccups

Jaxon Hiding…or not!

Bye Daddy!

Saying Good Bye to Grandma

Jaxon Reading GRUG to Dexter

Jaxon’s 4th Birthday Boat Ride

Dexter 14 weeks

Dexter’s First Giggles

Poor Roary

Dexter Crawling

Dexter Standing

Dexter Talking

My hand made Gift for Jaxon’s Kinder Teacher

Camping, why they can’t share a room!

Dexter as a Turtle

Boys being Turtles

Fart Power…

Jaxon at Karate

Boys on the Slide

Jaxon’s First Speech


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