I’ve been a terrible human and haven’t taken many photo’s of Doug. He’s a Golden Retriever X with a Poodle. Or a Groodle in Australia and a Golden Doodle in America. Seriously, why would anyone want to announce they own a Golden Doodle?? Unless they actually HAD a golden penis??

We got Doug a few weeks ago now and he’s starting to fit right in to the family. He LOVES Dexter, though Dexter is totally unsure if he hates or loves Doug. Watch for a video to show what I mean by that.

I have been very impressed with the breed and don’t think I’ll ever want a different kind of dog. He doesn’t drop hair AT ALL! Seriously, we’ve had him for weeks now and I am yet to find any of his hair on the couch or (ha-hem) in the bed. I wear black all the time and have no annoying bit’s of dog hair on my clothes. Having always had short haired dogs who drop hair all year around, this is a breath of fresh (h)air!

He’s certainly going to be challenging to have considering he’s about the same as having another Dexter. And let me tell you, Dexter is a challenge! But so far so good. I take him with me for school drop off and pick up and take Dexter to the park with him in the mornings after drop off and both boys to the park after school.

I start training with him very soon. Induction is on Saturday but I’m not sure if I have to take the dog this time. I really can’t wait. He already knows how to sit, drop, roll and crawl. All of course, are still as he see’s fit but we’re working on that! He’s super intelligent, when he wants to be. otherwise, he’s kind of a big hairy goof ball that just wants to be near his humans!

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