Dougie got the snip!

Dougie, our all too innocent and rarely *very* naughty puppy turned 6 months old recently. And even more recently, as recently as Sunday (BANG! OVER NIGHT!) our innocent little puppy was no more.

Over night, he decided that *I* was his girl. *I* was his new life partner.

And, NO…really means yes!

So off to the vets he went on Tuesday. Unsuspecting. Most likely unwilling.

He came home later that day about 200 grams lighter I think. I mean, did you see the Dougie Haircut photo’s??? Those boys were massive! And very hard to miss!

Having him in his cone of shame has brightened up everyone’s lives. Having him run in to wall’s and use various methods to get at his food or toys makes the boys giggle. Seeing him play soccer (video on it’s way) or to see him throw a little squeaky toy up in the air and CATCH it in his cone is very funny!!

To tide you over, here are some some obstacles Dougie has had to over come in the past couple of days.

Just after getting stuck on the draw handle.

I hate you. I really, really hate you.

Wall there…

This is the doggie version of a cup against the door to eves drop! We think he get’s pretty good reception!

I can fit in there…

Shit…should have thought that one through.

Chair there….

Bugger! They’ve made it so I can’t clean the little person chair after dinner time!

Wall there. Pretty big one too. Probably could have avoided this one.

Who put that there?

Door frame jumped out in front of me.

Did I mention that I really hate you??

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