A day at the beach…

Turned very quickly in to an afternoon in the bath!

DSC_0026 (1024x680) DSC_0033 (1024x680) DSC_0066 (1024x680)DSC_0070 (1024x680) DSC_0083 (1024x667) DSC_0094 (1024x659) DSC_0106 (1024x735) DSC_0146 (1024x680) DSC_0148 (1024x680) DSC_0182 (1024x680)DSC_0258 (680x1024) DSC_0296 (1024x682) DSC_0342 (1024x706) DSC_0354 (1024x680) DSC_0385 (1024x680) DSC_0469 (1024x680)DSC_0470 (1024x684)

DSC_0426 (1024x453) (1024x453) DSC_0496 (1024x698) DSC_0502 (746x1024) DSC_0538 (1024x698) DSC_0539 (1024x680) DSC_0623 (1024x680) DSC_0625 (1024x680)DSC_0708 (1024x680) DSC_0851 (1024x680) DSC_0855 (1024x527) DSC_0858 (1024x681) DSC_0865 (678x1024) DSC_0866 (680x1024) DSC_0881 (1024x732)Dougie may look clean but he still stunk like to high heavens!

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