For anyone that has known us since Jaxon and I went to Riverton, you’ll know that he has a bracheal plexis in his right arm. As well as torticollis in his neck. Basically during our c-section the doctor had to pull quite hard on his little body to get him out. They pulled the nerve’s in that arm and he was 3 months old before anyone noticed that he wasn’t using it.

(His neck came about because he was breach and grew with his head facing one way and his neck muscles grew short so he can’t turn his head properly)

At that time we thought he may even have a mild form of palsy, luckily…this shows that he does not. We do physio twice a week at a place down at the local primary school…and physio up at the hospital every two weeks.

I’ve seen some minor progress over the past months but was THRILLED to see how he uses his arm in this little clip. It’s so good to see that my hard work as a mother, taking him to and from physio and doing the nasty “Mummy you’re hurting me” stretches at home are finally paying off.

Here is a MILD clip of what we have to do to Jaxon each day. We’re meant to do these THREE times a day but only do it once. We’re also meant to do ten reps, but don’t.

It’s just SO hard to have him cry like this because of something we’re doing to him. It’s even harder if I have to do it alone and it’s all me doing the hurting. This is actually very mild as I said, he’s normally much more upset than this.

I’d just like to say to Jaxon’s physio…who would be very disappointed in me for not doing them all the time like she wants me too…that I’ll wait until SHE has kids, and until SHE has to inflict this sort of pain on her own child. And to have her own child look into her eyes and be saying “you’re hurting me Mummy” And then and only then can she judge me the way she does now. Oops, sorry. Can you tell I’ve had enough of physio’s telling me what I have to do and saying “I understand it’s hard, but you HAVE to do it”??? when they don’t have kids and don’t have to go through this on a daily basis?

2 thoughts on “Progress!!!

  1. Awww, watching Jaxon in his physio therapy broke my heart! But I know its all for the good!

    Before we know it Jaxon is going to be using that arm like he’s had it his entire life!

    Maybe he’ll write with his left hand, just like Kady Mae’s Mommy :) Good luck Boo. Keep it up, you’re a fantastic Mummy and never doubt yourself!

    Love from the States!

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