Peppa Pig. Bloody Peppa Pig. I am sick and tired of Peppa Pig! Three weeks running now and nothing different we’ve tried has influenced Dexter enough to stop wanting to watch Peppa Pig, TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY!

We nearly got a bite with Toy Story. He sat for almost all of the second movie. We even had a day with him walking around with Woody and another with Buzz. But our two day break from Peppa, did not last long.

If you’ve not watched Peppa Pig then you might not know that Peppa Pig has a baby brother George. And the most you ever hear George say is “Dinosaur, Rarrrrr”

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Bubbles, bringing families together…

Jaxon has made it no real secret that he could care less if Dougie was here or not. He dislikes almost everything about him 80% of the time. Then 15% of the time, Dougies locked in the back yard and the other 5%…he actually loves him.

But that all changed after this night!! I think Jaxon forgot all about the dog, they had a common interest and goal and they did it without hurting each other or being scared of each other.

YouTube Preview Image


Shiny Teeth

Every night after Jaxon has brushed his teeth he runs to Tim and opens his mouth and Tim screams as if his teeth are too shiny to even look at. We have to pretend that he’s going to make us go blind if he keeps showing us his white teeth.

So the other night, this is what Tim did to Jaxon. Claiming that he was just protecting himself from going blind.

YouTube Preview Image

Dexter-ism’s 004 (The annoying one)

Have I told you that Dexter is a moody little so and so when he wants to be?? He goes through weeks of screaming when he can’t get something. Or screaming when you offer him something that wasn’t what he wanted. Or screaming…just because he can.

Well, let me tell you. Dexter LOVES Doug. But he’s also a little prat about him too. He can be nasty and throw things at the dogs head (tonight he extended that to Jaxon and threw a garden rock at his head. OUCH!) or he’ll  try to get in and sit on him or run him over with his bike. I’m glad the dog has enough sense to run away from him. Poor puppy!

Well, this was about two or three weeks after we got Doug. It shows Dexter’s Bipolar moods to a T. Happy one minute, grumpy the next. Happy one, grumpy the next.

Since getting this “from screaming to laughing” video I’ve been privy to some pretty evil, very fake laughs from him. I can’t say I love it and can’t wait for him to move forward. It’s possibly just a communication thing.

Enjoy, the dog does not touch the boy. The boy does not touch the dog. No animals or toddlers were hurt in the making of this video.

YouTube Preview Image


Jaxon’s First Public Appearance!!

You know, Jaxon’s been having a hard time dealing with school emotionally. We think he has a hard time being away from me and Dexter during the day and when he gets tired he gets very emotional about everything. He’s scared he’ll do something wrong and he gets upset when he doesn’t know how to do something and wont ask for help. He holds it all inside until BANG…it comes out in one big burst of emotions.

That’s unfortunately, exactly like me. Down to the letter I was like him. I cried for the first 6 weeks of school when Mum left and I put little or big (as Mum would say, pfft!) brick walls up when I was scared of trying and I wouldn’t even try. BUT. I was incredibly confident otherwise.

This little video shows just how much like me Jaxon is. I was the kid volunteering to speak in front of huge crowds. And I was really good at it too! I did speeches for the school when important people came to visit and I was always the “president” of the SRC every year until year 12. I was highly involved with things like that.

In talks with various people from the school, we’ve come to the conclusion that Jaxon (and I) is a perfectionist. He doesn’t like it if he doesn’t know how to do things. He feels silly when he see’s that other people know how to do things better and though having more practice would seem like a logical step towards getting things right or better, it’s easier NOT to do them and NOT get seen learning and failing when all you want is to get it right and be good at it RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

So here’s the video of his little speech. I am so very proud of him and hope he keeps his confidence up to do things like this for years to come. Public speaking really is a hard thing to do but it always came very naturally to me and I hope it does for Jaxon too.

I’d just like to note, before you watch the video, that in practice the kids that got to speak were asked to think of two things to say about their hats. In practice, Jaxon only said two things about his hat. But when he got on that microphone he didn’t want to stop!

I was a little worried that when his teacher Miss Jodie asked him “How did you make your hat” that he would say “My Mum made my hat” :)


It was labor day weekend this past weekend so Jaxon had the day off, though Tim didn’t. The boys and I went to the park and it turns out…Dexter LOVES the slide.

After the first few goes with Jaxon he started to climb 4 inches up the slide and then “slide” down yelling “ahhhhh weeeee”

I need to be a Turtle!

The other night when we yelled out “teeth time” like you hear in this video, Dexter got off my lap in the lounge room and toddled off to the bath room for teeth time all by himself. Then he got off the bench, walked in to Jaxon’s room straight over to his power point to turn on his light and music. When he thought he’d turned on the light and music he went over to choose a book to read! That is our exact routine and Dex knew it by heart. It was like he’s been doing it for thirty years or something. Do you think I can get him to do it again for video? NO! Still trying though!

In the mean time, here’s another of the boys playing together :) Love my boys!

I’m not a Turtle!

So this evening while I did dishes the boys were in Jaxon’s room giggling and carrying on laughing. I decided to get the camera and sneak up on them to capture how well they play together (melts my heart to have them so good together!) when out of the hall way comes this big white box moving all on it’s own. I didn’t get that bit…but it continued until bed time!

Another video to come!!

Dexter’s Not always cute Trick

How cute is this??

Very cute…right??

Not so cute when he does it just as the spoon reaches his mouth and you pour it in to his ear! Although he does a VERY good job at getting food ALL over himself without doing this shit!!

Oh no!

Slow him down!!!!

It was only two weeks ago that he couldn’t crawl or even sit up on his own…now he’s pulling up and standing.

We’re in BIG TROUBLE!!


Jaxon never gave us giggles. At this age, Jaxon was trying to work out a way to put an end to global warming. Very serious business if I do say so myself.

I am TOTALLY excited about baby giggles!

Bye Daddy!

Ever since Daddy went back to school this has become our daily tradition.

Each morning as Tim get’s himself ready Jaxon goes through his little check list with him.

“Got helmet Daddy?”

“Got gloves Daddy?”

“Got keys Daddy?”

“Got wallet Daddy?”

The list goes on, right until Jaxon is satisfied that Daddy is in fact ready to leave the house.

Then we always make sure we go out and wave good bye. We wait until Daddy is out of the street and not a moment sooner will Jaxon let me start to walk inside.

When Daddy is coming home we can hear him from anywhere in the house. In this big shrill voice Jaxon will scream at me with bright eyes “Daddy’s come home!!!” and he rushes to the garage door to welcome him in.

Jaxon and I are extremely proud of Daddy, who is almost done with exam’s for his first semester back at Uni. It’s not been easy. In fact, there have been days where I honestly thought Tim wouldn’t be going back. But he stuck it out and I’m so proud of him.

Ha Ha

Originally, when I first went to get the camera, it was because Jaxon was rolling around rapped up in that blanket and Dookie was jumping all over him trying to lick him. I thought Jaxon might just pop from all the laughing.

But as is the norm with kids and animals, all action stopped the moment I moved. I still  managed to get something funny though.

If you listen closely as I start to crack up, Jaxon has said “UhOh”

The Daily Duck!

I’ve started leaving Jaxon’s bedroom door open over night. I don’t know why I started this, but once he’s asleep and just before Tim and I go to bed I sneak in and leave the door open just enough to see in.

Now in the mornings…this is what happens. Jaxon loves his new found morning freedom and has started getting up earlier and earlier just to do this. If Tim is in bed too he gives one of his “spare ducks” to Tim and one to me. Then he jumps all over us until he can get right in between us and hide under the covers.

Um Um Um!

I’ve made up a ridiculously long video of Jaxon and his obsession with Tim’s bike.

Well, that was what it started out as. Then I watched the clip and just didn’t want to cut it short. So you can watch the first minute or so and stop it if you like. OR, you can just watch it all and go “awwwwww” all the way through.

As I just said in my previous post, Jaxon is overly obsessed with Tim’s new bike. He really could have cared less about the green one but this red one must do it for him or something.

So now when Tim come’s or goes on the bike Jaxon runs to the front window to watch yelling out “Um um um” and if we open the garage door he rushes in there yelling out then too.If he see’s a photo of it he goes wacko too.

So this video shows it a little bit. But then this afternoon when I was transferring it across to vimeo Jaxon saw it and went even more berzerk! So I’ll add a video a bit later of the real “going crazy” and not the “I really should be in bed crazy”

Jaxon has just had a “Mummy Cut” in this video. I gave him a hair cut about three hours before this. Ever since his first cut, on the 11th of November 2007 (I don’t know why I remember that all the time) the hairdressers have been screwing up his hair. There would be cut marks through it where they had just chopped a straight line. The fringe would be crooked or there’d be really obvious short and long bits at the back. They could really screw it up. So I figured that if anyone was going to screw up my son’s chances of getting laid then it should be me and I’ve been giving him mummy cuts ever since. I do a pretty good job.

Watch this space…

Conversion, complete.

I’ve never been big on video games so when Jaxon was just a few weeks old his Nanny and Poppy bought our household (cough cough, Tim) one of those XBOX things. They probably didn’t know it at the time, but I was really angry about it!

So this visit when they bought us a Wii thingee and a Wii Fit I was a little hesitant about it. I’d heard from all over that it’s heaps of fun. But maybe, just maybe, I thought those people were “geeks” and that me being a non video game playing kind of person would probably still think it sucked.

The main reason I really don’t like video games is that they’re not interactive. While one person plays the other watches and while one has fun the other sits and waits for their turn. Silently wishing that the other player would roll over and die so they didn’t have to share.

But that was 24 hours ago. Right this minute I say, RUN…don’t walk, to the nearest store and get yourself a Wii!!!

OMG the laughter! The fun! The heart rate! At one point I think Tim might have fainted. Right between when he caught his third hula hoop and got hit in the head by a flying shoe. It seriously ranks up there with one of the funniest things I have ever seen. And so much fun!

And as Jaxon is about to demonstrate, it’s interactive. Because not only do I want to beat Tim’s ass to a pulp in ten pin bowling, but I also want to see HIM making a fool out of himself too.

So anyone who doesn’t have one and has never intended to have video games in their home. Take it from someone whose last experience with video games was Atari’s Space Invader’s back in 1983…Wii is the bomb!

Go get one, you wont regret the purchase for a second!

As the days go by I will have more to say about this Wii thing and the In-Law visit. Stay Tuned!!

Blink and You’ll Miss it!

This is a project I have been working on for days. We’ve had the web cam operating for three days now trying to get just 24 hours. But the first night we had it on, the program that sequences the photo’s shut down and didn’t make my movie for me. The second morning the power went out and we didn’t get the sunrise. Then half way through day two Jaxon clicked my mouse and turned the web cam off. It’s taken a lot of work to get all of this put together.

I’ve cut a lot out. Time’s when we’re in the loungeroom or the back yard or the back of the house have been cut out because nothing is happening. The sunrise went for a lot longer and there was a bigger gap between when Tim left for work and I get up. This would have been about 20 minutes worth if I hadn’t.

I hope you enjoy it. This is approximately 20,000 photo’s. The web cam took a shot every three seconds.

Here are some things you might want to look out for.

  • oo.oo 4am Sunrise
  • 0.46  Tim up for work, Dude has been let out.
  • 1.38  Tim leaves for work.
  • 1.41  I get up
  • 1.49  Jaxon gets up
  • 2.33 I make a phone call to the manufacturer of Jaxon’s new bed for new parts to be delivered because I broke it. But thats a story for Tim’s blog.
  • 4.39 Jaxon is put in his cot and I fix the hole’s Dude put in the blow up truck. Vacuum and mop too.
  • 6.08 Jaxon and Dude are playing ball
  • 6.27  Jaxon starts wrapping himself in the hall carpet behind me.
  • 7.04  I go to clean the en suite bathroom, Jaxon takes advantage.I assure you, he’s safe.
  • 7.16  Jaxon falls over running because he is wet from the table. Tears.
  • 7.21  Dude joins Jaxon in carpet wrapping fun.
  • 8.16  Jaxon is down for a nap. He slept for three hours.
  • 8.30  MB I’m emailing back and forth with you!
  • 8.51  I go for a nap.
  • 8.52  Jaxon wakes up, dinner starts.
  • 9.08  Jaxon is in the bath, Tim has hurt his back at work and is in bed.
  • 9.17  someone weird is at the door (another story all together!) and I wake Tim up to watch Jaxon      while I help.
  • 9.43  Tim has blown up a swim ring that is WAY too big for Jaxon. It’s just a toy for now.
  • 10.11 I have no pants on
  • 10.15 We go to the pool. I’ve cut a LOT of Dude out but thought you should see what they do while we’re gone!
  • 10.52 We return, Jaxon has a bath. Yes, two baths.
  • 11.01 Jaxon is put to bed. A lot has been cut out of here too. I was making the MRI montage and stayed up WAY too late for my own good.
  • 11.13 Dude is annoying the crap out of me. He has jumped on my lap, bitten my foot and climbed the computer desk.
  • 11.21 We go to bed. The night before we had sex and you got to see my afterglow. But Tim had to go and hurt his back!

Other things you didn’t get to see.

  • Dude being run down by Jaxon. Over and Over.
  • Mexxi attacking Dude
  • Tim doing his elevator impression over in the kitchen
  • Me pinching Tim’s nipple and the chase that ensued. Then the scared cat who busted the blow up truck.Dude ran UP the wall and along the truck, but none of the photo’s showed it.
  • Me parading naked in the dark while the front light was on.
  • Me picking my nose.
  • Jaxon and I playing catch with Tim.
  • There are a few marital snogs that happen that you will miss because they happen so quickly. Tim also made a habit of groping my boobs, see if you can spot that!
  • Jaxon really did have two baths. The first was because Tim hurt his back so I didn’t think we would go to the pool. But then we did so we had to bath Jaxon again.

The Results

We just got sent the disc with all of Jaxon’s MRI and CT scan’s on them. I’ve spent hours and hours sorting through them (401 images) so that they’re in order so you had better watch it and you had better like it!!

YouTube Preview Image

A lot of people are saying that they don’t really know what they’re looking at. The reality is that Tim and I don’t really know what we’re looking at but we do know what we’re meant to be looking at. I’ll try to explain it with still shots of what you’re looking at.

These one’s here are the MRI. They have taken a body shot of Jaxon every 2mm’s from his back right to his front. Through these one’s you get to see his lungs, his brain, his muscles and most of his organs.

Through these one’s they have taken a body slice shot from his head right down to his waist every 2mm. You get to see through his head and then in to his neck. The circle on the bottom is through the center of his spine. There are two categories here, the other has the white line along the bottom. On those one’s I assume that they’re looking at the nerves running through the spine to see where and how Jaxon’s arm is damaged and if the neck is in danger of pinching nerves or paralyzing him. You see as they move down through his chest where you see his lungs which are black with white veins running through them. Another thing that was noted the other day was that his right lung is much smaller than his left, you can clearly see his lungs in these. You see the kidney’s and if you’re clued in on them you see his intestines.

These one’s here is Jaxon being built from his left side to his right side. You see it starts at his arm where you only get to see his shoulder. Then it moves through his arm and in to his chest. In the shot above you can see his lungs and the start of the bone structure of his spine.

These one’s are the CT scan. They show bones and cartilage. I think everyone gets these. These show why Jaxon’s neck is on an angle and also why nothing can really be done about it. When it comes down to it these is just one mass of bone that it is one way or another connected to another.

This one here shows clearly how his right side is underdeveloped. I think it’s his shoulder bone, that you can see is much smaller and shorter on one said than it is on the other.

There are also two lot’s of photo’s where a white halo is moving away or in to the photo. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s the oxygen tube down his throat having it’s photo taken. Or, Jaxon was blowing bubbles.

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga!

This is Jaxon’s new bike. Or, I should say, it’s not new. His grandpa Ted (my Dad) has been giving Jaxon things ahead of his physical ability since he was born. He got this bike for him when he was three months old. We’ve had it in storage but during the move Jaxon found it. And loves it! He’s so cute riding around on this thing, and he’s so good at it. Considering at the EDC they have bikes like this and for the last few months Jaxon has just sat on them unable to move, this is pretty impressive. The video is of the first night he’d ever been on it.

Apparently he’s saying “kitty cat” but I just can’t hear it!

Jaxon at the EDC

This is Jaxon having fun at the EDC (Early Development Center) where he does physio and hydrotherapy.

The first part of the video is him waving good bye to a bus load of school kids (the EDC is at a primary school) and then him trying to eat bubbles. And then…getting up to no good.


17 Months

This happened tonight. Jaxon is also standing up without holding on to anything. It wont be long now, until Mum and Dad can’t keep up (oh boy!)

I REALLY didn't hear him!

I know he told me to leave him out of my blog, but I couldn’t resist this! After this I think Tim might just move in to the basement so I can’t catch him doing house wifey things!

I REALLY didn’t hear him!

I know he told me to leave him out of my blog, but I couldn’t resist this! After this I think Tim might just move in to the basement so I can’t catch him doing house wifey things!

Fish Feeding!

We went to this place called Aquarscene. At every high tide the fish come in to get fed. It’s VERY cool. We couldn’t stay too long, because Jaxon was getting cranky. But apparently the longer you stay (about 3 hours) the more kinds of fish you get to see. I have NO idea what kind of fish these were anyway, except that there were salmon cat fish, milk fish and some sting rays as well.

We held Jaxon with his feet in the water and the fish came and rubbed up against him. I don’t think he knew it was happening. The bread that they leave for us to feed the fish is old and stale. At one point a lady asked Jaxon if he was feeing the fishies…he wasn’t. He was munching on the bread himself! Yuk.

The fish nibble on your finger’s if you hold bread out for them. There are also tiny little fish at your feet nibbling on your toes! You can hear me a little bit making “OMG it’s touching me” noises at some point during the clip. What a FREAKY feeling!


You’ve all seen the photo’s of Jaxon holding (Mum holding, Jaxon patting) the baby crocodile. Well what you don’t know is that I got to feed one! Not by hand of course, because I wasn’t going to volunteer for THAT…the meat was on the end of a stick and rope!

This is not the clip of the crocodile I fed. The crocodile sitting in the pen next to the one that you see getting fed is the one I did. But Mum, in all of her technological ignorance, thought she was taking photo’s and stopped filming right when he started to jump up so we missed it!

That noise you hear as she closes her mouth. The lady doing the tour said it was “caused by one tonne per square inch pressure, slammed shut at the speed of lightening”

Scary stuff, I’ll stick to my chihuahua’s and kitties!!!

Playing up a storm!

This is obvisouly Jaxon playing Great Grandma’s piano. She is the best player I have ever seen, but Jaxon come’s a close second!

The barrage begins…


This is at Howard Springs and these are barramundi. They were HUGE. The video I’m putting up doesn’t show how big they really are! We couldn’t at the time for reason’s I don’t understand, but this is a swimming place through some parts of the year.

My boy is going UP in the world!

14 Months

I was sitting here changing the layout of my blog. Jaxon HAD been playing right behind me.

He started yelling out at me. All I could hear was “MA!! Ma ma muuum” “Ya ya YA!!”

Finally it clicked that I should probably go and see what he is doing, since it’s normally something to do with Dude.

But I got out in to the lounge room and there he is, sitting on the COUCH! Like a big boy.

All the yelling I think was him calling out to me to say “Mum Mum Mum LOOOOOOOK what I can do”

This is how he did it. It also shows how he got down!

UPDATE: We JUSt learnt he can get up without the box!


For anyone that has known us since Jaxon and I went to Riverton, you’ll know that he has a bracheal plexis in his right arm. As well as torticollis in his neck. Basically during our c-section the doctor had to pull quite hard on his little body to get him out. They pulled the nerve’s in that arm and he was 3 months old before anyone noticed that he wasn’t using it.

(His neck came about because he was breach and grew with his head facing one way and his neck muscles grew short so he can’t turn his head properly)

At that time we thought he may even have a mild form of palsy, luckily…this shows that he does not. We do physio twice a week at a place down at the local primary school…and physio up at the hospital every two weeks.

I’ve seen some minor progress over the past months but was THRILLED to see how he uses his arm in this little clip. It’s so good to see that my hard work as a mother, taking him to and from physio and doing the nasty “Mummy you’re hurting me” stretches at home are finally paying off.

Here is a MILD clip of what we have to do to Jaxon each day. We’re meant to do these THREE times a day but only do it once. We’re also meant to do ten reps, but don’t.

It’s just SO hard to have him cry like this because of something we’re doing to him. It’s even harder if I have to do it alone and it’s all me doing the hurting. This is actually very mild as I said, he’s normally much more upset than this.

I’d just like to say to Jaxon’s physio…who would be very disappointed in me for not doing them all the time like she wants me too…that I’ll wait until SHE has kids, and until SHE has to inflict this sort of pain on her own child. And to have her own child look into her eyes and be saying “you’re hurting me Mummy” And then and only then can she judge me the way she does now. Oops, sorry. Can you tell I’ve had enough of physio’s telling me what I have to do and saying “I understand it’s hard, but you HAVE to do it”??? when they don’t have kids and don’t have to go through this on a daily basis?

Heading for disaster????

This is Jaxon’s new trick. He loves this box, and appears to LOVE music!

You can hear me in the back ground (singing and humming unfortunately) just waiting for tears and a sore head! But we got lucky.

Watch out for MB!

Just for Nanny and Poppy


This is Jaxon at about two months old. I was desperately trying to get him to say hello. Back then that’s all I was doing. Trying to get footage of him kooing for his grandparents.

Well, I just found this clip, so I haven’t seen it since it was put away on file. I am just SO SO SO glad I have it. Tim, Jaxon and I were having such a rough trot way back then that even though we appreciated that we HAD a baby, I don’t think we appreciated how adorable he was! Now I look back and just watch in amazement, because I don’t remember those time’s much anymore.

I’m glad I have these, because without them I have no really good memories of him being this young. I feel like I didn’t fully appreciate what a miracle he was (you know, IS)

My Bestest Ever Friend

Jaxon and Dude

Dude is Jaxon’s best friend. And Jaxon, I would say…is Dude’s best friend. Someone once told me, when I was concerned about having a Great Dane AND a child together, that if the house went silent all I had to do was look for the dogs. When I found the dogs I would find the baby…doing something they shouldn’t be!

Well I think I’ll be looking for the cat. Because where Dude is Jaxon is, or should I say where Jaxon is Dude is?? I don’t know. But they’re always together. Dude sits at my feet as I change Jaxon’s nappy. He sits under Jaxon waiting for food when he is eating (and Jaxon obliges!) If I didn’t close Jaxon’s door when he was sleeping, Dude would sleep with him.
Really, I can’t put enough words to this to make you understand just how good these two are with each other! But here’s a few pics of them playing, and a clip of them playing tug of war.

A New game

Bath time has always been pretty lame in our house. I’d put Jaxon in the bath. he’d splash around a bit and then I’d take him out to get dried off and dressed for bed.

But tonight, since I had the camera in the bath room trying to get a clip of Dude getting in with him…Jaxon put on a show.

And what a show it was. He is becoming quite the little character. Every single day he come’s up with a new quirk, something new to tell me about. It’s all very exciting.

This part of mother hood is MUCH more fun than the baby “baby” stage. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love to have a baby “baby” all the time, and that when I’m down the street I don’t go all gooey when I see a “fresh” baby (that’s what Tim and I call them…fresh one’s) I do I do!

Anyway here’s Jaxon in the bath. I know I am going to hate this game very soon. But today was the first time he’s done it and it was way way waaaaay cute. So it’s ok. He’s also only JUST started giggling like this. He used to sound sort of asthmatic so this one is nice!

The things you find…

…in your own back yard!!!

This is a baby Galah for those of you who are not educated in the way of Australian Native Birds. For ALL of the people saying “Oh how cute, I want one” then check out the OTHER clip…they’re noisy little f&cker’s! (I can’t find the other clip…but when I do I’ll put it here)

We think he fell out of his nest last night during a rain storm. He was wondering around the back yard and unable to fly. So I caught him up in a towel and put him in a cage.

I took him to the vet who basically said that if I didn’t look after him then they wouldn’t be able to do anything but put him down.

So home again I go with a screaching bird in the back seat of the car. I fed him and gave him water…which he threw out of the cage door and tipped over.

But luckily the next morning he looked much better and as soon as I opened the cage he flew away.

A happy ending was had for all.