Jaxon’s Result’s

I just remembered that I hadn’t put Jaxon’s MRI and Cat Scan results here yet. I don’t know if I can go through and write it all again, since I told the girls on the boards the day we found out. So I’m just going to copy and paste it all here with a couple of modifications.

1) They are NOT going to do anything and they don’t think they will ever be able to do anything. No surgery.

2) That means that Jaxon will always have his head on an angle like that.

3) The arm is not nerve damage from pinched nerves in the neck. It IS a brachial plexus as they first said. It happened during the c-section and is quite common with breech births. He may never have full movement in that arm but the good thing is he wont know any different.

4) He doesn’t HAVE a deltoid muscle. Or he does, but it’s almost dead and gone due to non use. That’s the one that runs over your shoulder and down the back of his right arm.

5) All of the bones in his right shoulder are under developed. We could see huge gaps on that side because they’re basically shrunk. I actually thought he was missing his clavicle it is that small, it is a LOT smaller than his left one. If we don’t keep up with encouraging him to use that arm the other muscles will shrink or die too. But the deltoid is a bit of a lost cause.

He may never have full function in his arm either. He can’t lift it above his head and he can’t hold his hand out to take something (palm facing up) but we know now so we can work around it to help it. Also thinking now that we know it’s a brachial plexus I will call the chiro and see what he thinks and if he could see him now he knows exactly what is in there. Maybe they can help because they did last time.

Now to what’s actually IN his neck. Get this. He’s meant to have 7 bones in his neck.

He has 12 or more bone’s in his neck.

Its just TOO hard to see and count them. Even with the every 2mm body shots you just couldn’t count them all. It’s like a big puzzle in there. They look like pebbles spread through out his neck and they bulge in the center as well. Like a boab tree does. Seriously, it looked like a really old style cobble stone road in there. None of them are connected, none of them are even slightly “vertebrae” shaped or the same size and shape. None of them are in line. Some are behind other’s, some are off to the side. Some are sitting right on top of another one. I can not describe to you what it looked like. I am going to have to find a picture that best describes it because they didn’t have a printer. Just imagine though that the 7 bones that a normal person has in their neck and then that in his neck they got shattered by blunt force and just scattered all over the place. The more I think about it the more amazing it seems to me that his neck actually has support, since there seems to be no solid structure from his back up to the base of his head.

Then, why did this happen. For a couple weeks I’ve been wondering if this was my fault. Something I did during pregnancy. Then Mum and Tim both managed to talk me out of thinking that. But when I asked the doctor “What caused this” he said “What were YOU doing in your seventh week?” (not what was your Husband/best friend/dog doing…what was *I* doing) So, week seven. Major cramping and a 2am ER visit. An ER visit where the nurse on duty called the doctor and they prescribed me with ibruprofin for the pain, even though they knew I was pregnant. The very next day I went to my regular doctor and SHE told me that I had to stop taking it immediately because it was bad for the babies development. Turns out she was right and I only ever took one of those tablets. We suspect that that was the cause although we have no proof. Our cat also died around that time too and Tim said I am more than welcome to blame it on one of his special two headed sperms.

His foot is PERFECT!! He has no signs of lapsing back. We still go back now whenever we’re in town, but Wendy was all thumbs up about his foot. She also told us that Jaxon’s neck case had made it in to medical journal’s and was sent to doctor’s all over the world because it’s like a 1 in a 50,000 occurrence. Very rare.

I guess now we just have to wait and see what school is like for Jaxon. Maybe he’ll get teased. Maybe he wont be able to participate in all school sports and that sort of thing, even though we think he’ll be academically minded.

Oh, nearly forgot. If they are going to do something, and that is almost impossible at this stage unless technology changes over night, it wont be until he’s stopped growing so we’re looking years and years down the track. By then, maybe Jaxon can decide if he’s ok about it the way it is and we wont even bother. We do go back every six months to be monitored for a year and then probably once a year until they decide it’s time to decide. But now we really don’t need to worry at all!!

Overall, we’re very happy with today’s results. Regardless of the number of bones he has. We’ll tell Jaxon he’s above average with more bones than the “average human” he he

That’s what I wrote for my girls. And I’d like to share what one of their replies was.

Boo- I only read your original post and shot up here to reply… but I will go back and read everyone’s comments in a sec. I just had to jump ahead of myself and tell you how HAPPY I am for YOU. Maybe that sounds weird, but let me clarify.

This is NOT the same Boo I met on these boards. You’ve been through so many trials and roller coaster emotions- through pregnancy, c-section, doctors, crying, being gone for a spell, etc. I just want you to know how proud of you I am. The Boo who posted today is so optimistic and so proud of her PERFECTLY created son. You have grown so much as a mother and I am blessed to have seen you transform into this beautiful wonderful person who any little boy would be blessed to have the honor of calling you Mum. Jaxon is an amazing little man with an amazing momma!

I’m so elated you got answers and that they are all manageable issues you are now prepared to deal with.


Thank you Angela.

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