Jaxon never gave us giggles. At this age, Jaxon was trying to work out a way to put an end to global warming. Very serious business if I do say so myself.

I am TOTALLY excited about baby giggles!

5 thoughts on “Giggles!

  1. Oh Boo! I want that baby! As in – It’s a damn good thing I live on another continent because you’d have to hide him from me to avoid tempting me into baby-snatching!

  2. You’ll have to come and get him….spiders and snakes and creepy crawlies…oh no! :)

  3. Naw boo its been too long. Where are you? you disapeared again, cant find you on facebook, please contact me, your boys are just scrummy, well done hun, and yes giggles are the best in the world arent they!

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