Jaxon-ism…kind of…

I remember the first time I had a shower all by myself. I don’t know why. I don’t know exactly how old I was. but I do remember that Mum and I had been watching a very OLD version of the Titanic. When I got out of the shower I remember feeling very grown up. And so much more clean than coming out of a bath.

So the last two days Jaxon has asked to have a shower with me. He’s more in to making waterfall’s on the glass doors with the shower head than actually showering but because *I* remember how grown up I felt having showers it became a topic of discussion over dinner.

Here’s how that went…cheeky Daddy.

Mum: Daddy Jaxon had a shower with me today!

Daddy: Did you? I like showering with Mummy too… (that’s the POPPY IN HIM!!!)

Mum: He washes my back for me Jaxon….

Jaxon: What does Mummy do for YOU in the shower…??

Mum and Dad…snicker snicker!

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