Jaxon-ism’s 795

To set the scene for this one I have to tell you where we were and what was being said.
I was buckling Jaxon in to his car seat while he and Daddy discussed which way we should go home. Jaxon told Tim to go left when normally we go right. And whenever we go left he bitches that we’re going the wrong way. The conversation went like this…

Daddy: We’re not going left because you always bitch at me.

Jaxon: But I want to go left.

Mum: You promise you wont whinge?

Jaxon: What’s whinge?

Mum: it’s like bitching. It’s when you go “Mum I’m hungry. Mum I’m hungry. Mum I’m hungry. Mum I don’t have a drink I don’t have a drink…” (insert high pitched whine here)

So apparently, when I shut his door and was walking around the car to hop in Jaxon said to Daddy “That’s not how I bitch!”

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