Jaxon-ism’s 147

On being asked what he wants to do when he grows up by his teacher?? BIKER

On Mummy opening the garage door for Daddy when it wasn’t actually Daddy’s bike she heard? “Then why did the BLOODY door open?”

On his desire to get a parachute?
Mummy: Will you jump out of a plane?
Jaxon: No, just you and Daddy. I’ll stay on the plane. Then you can meet me at the airport and drive me home. Okay?”

Oh oh oh! This isn’t a Jaxon’ism! But it was very funny for Tim and I! Jaxon walked out of his bed room when he was meant to be getting ready for bed. He picked up one of Dexter’s toys and I asked him to put it away and then go and get his PJ’s on. Well!!

Jaxon deliberately threw the toy on the ground and I had a go at him. I told him to put it away like he was told and get to bed.

So he started walking past me with a SMILE on his face and boy did it make me MAD! So before I even knew what I was doing…I yelled at him “Hey! Get that smile off your face YOUNG MAN!” and Tim burst out laughing (quietly) at me and I had to turn away laughing too!

I remember so vividly not being able to stop laughing at my Mum when she was yelling at me. And I remember that the more she got angry that I was smiling or laughing, the more I found it funny. Oh boy…karma’s going to be a bitch to me!

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