To build Jaxon’s confidence up we found him a Karate class to go to on Thursday night. This was his first visit and he HATED IT!

He stayed for half an hour and participated but then he got a little overwhelmed by all of the running and screaming and he wanted to stop. We let him stop, but we made him stay for the entire class. Hoping that he would eventually join back in.

That didn’t happen. He sat with one or the other of us and kept saying “I want to go home. Are we going home now. But when are we going home? Is it five minutes yet? Oh it’s taking so long” I was ready to strangle him by the end of that half hour!!

So here is where I say…I’m SORRY MUM for…the ballet classes that I quit because the room was too cold. The piano lessons I quit because I couldn’t get my head around there being more than one set of scales and how will I know which ones to push. I’m sorry about the Judo classes I didn’t want to attend because the instructors nails were too long and dug in to my arms all the time. I’m sorry for the flute lessons that I stopped playing after 4 months. After you brought me an $800 flute. I’m sorry for everything and anything I ever started and wouldn’t finish and I’m sorry, because I probably bitched about it all the time too.

The funny thing is, we hadn’t even left the car park before he said to us “I miss Karate” Come hell or high water…he’s going next week!

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