Jaxon-ism’s 74

On the way home from school…

Jaxon: Can I go for a ride when we get home??
Mum: Where would you go?
Jaxon: Just out.
Mum: I think you might be a bit too young to go out by yourself just yet Jaxon.
Jaxon: I promise I’ll come back.

Tonight while I was doing the dishes Jaxon and Dexter gave themselves a task. To move their toy box from point A to point B, one and a half meter’s away. It took them fifteen minutes. There was a lot of “No Dexter, we’re pushing now. Dexter we’re not pulling anymore!” and “Do it like this Dexter”

When they had finally got it done Jaxon announced “I moved the toy box for you Mum” I thanked him. Then, he continued… “so you can vacuum where it used to be”

During our second Battle of Will’s (there have been three now, and I’ve won all three. He ate everything on his plate tonight!) he sat at the table trying to tell our house mate why he couldn’t eat his dinner. When she said all he had to do was eat and he could leave the table he put his hands up to his head and said “I’m so infused” (confused!)

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