I know, I know!!

I KNOW!! Stop yelling at me! Yes, it’s been a while since I blogged. No, I didn’t really have a good excuse. But, I’m here now and I’ve caught you up so if you haven’t already, all of the blog posts up to “Battle of the Will’s # 2″ are new so go catch up now and quit bitching at me!!

To be honest, I got all depressed about Dexter’s hair cut for a few days (yes, I really did) and then I had two sick kids for a week. Then I had a visit from Grandma, another sick kid, a dirty desk and a lot of other things to do that were far more interesting than this. Like, I did some oil paintings. No, you can’t see them. Because they’re not finished. And they’re not good enough to be seen yet.

Anyway, enough is enough. I’m here and to my one true loyal reader, I’m sorry. I know you’ve been having a hard time of not having me to keep you company at work but now I’m back!!

So just quickly, here’s a Jaxon-ism for you, fresh off the press!

Last night Jaxon woke up from a bad dream about big giant ants chasing him. This conversation happened at 3am in the morning.

Jaxon: Mum, is your back still sore?
Mum: Sometimes. But mostly Jaxon there’s something wrong in my back that makes it so my leg hurts. (rubbed hand down his spine to show where it was wrong and how it travel’s down in to my leg)
Jaxon: Maybe you ate a nail Mum?
Mum: (supressed laughter) Maybe.
Jaxon: I do that all the time.

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