Jaxon-ism’s 017

A few weeks ago while I was getting Jaxon ready for school he said to me, “Mum, I want to marry you when I grow up”

I answered that he couldn’t. Marrying me is illegal and besides that point, Daddy got here first. He asked me what he was going to do then (actually, he told me he wanted to marry his penis. Typical man!) and I told him he would need to find himself a nice little lady and ask her to marry him. When he grows up.

So this afternoon on the way home from school he said “Mum, I’ve decided who I’m going to marry” He’s going to marry Daytona” Daytona is a little girl from his class. She’s very sweet. And very pretty. Qualities which Jaxon has pointed out since telling me his little secret.

Oh yeah, it’s a secret. Daddy isn’t even allowed to know. Lucky Jaxon doesn’t read the blog then huh??

I asked him if Daytoina knew he was going to marry him so he said to me “I don’t know yet. I didn’t ask. Hold on. I’ll just send a text” (insert imaginary phone in to Jaxon’s hands) A few minutes later he told me that she had said yes. And then laughed.

Following this very entertaining conversation he also advised me that he’d been in a very important meeting today with Optimus Prime. I asked what it was all about and he said that OP had come to transform him so that they could go to the top of the Earth and play in the snow. Cool!

We had bacon and eggs for dinner tonight. Do you think he’d eat it?? No. He ate the toast, the bacon and the white parts of the egg. But he refused to eat the yolks. The yellow stuff as he calls it. So, since he had been told the previous night that we would make milkshakes after dinner he got told tonight that if he didn’t eat every single little bit of food on his plate he wouldn’t get his milkshake. Surprisingly, he didn’t get a milkshake tonight. I guess I’ll have to wait until he’s REALLY asleep to make one for Tim and I :)



One thought on “Jaxon-ism’s 017

  1. You could try giving the white on toast and the yellow in the milkshake – sneeky really! It worked for me!! Love Mum

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