Jaxon-ism’s #65,768

When I was five my Mum took me to the dentist to get a hole filled. I “apparently” kicked, screamed, yelled and cried. I “apparently” screamed at the dentist that ‘My Mum wont let you hurt me! Get away from me!’


Today Jaxon had his eyes tested by orthopedics at The Royal Childrens Hospital. He needed eye drops. And he kicked and screamed and yelled at him to get away from him. For half an hour he screamed at the top of his lungs ‘I wont do it. EVER!!! I don’t want to. No! No! I’m not doing it’ In the end the head eye specialist came in, wrestled Jaxon to the bed while I held his legs and put the drops in. Waahh wahhh waah!

Anyway. That was my day. I don’t know where he gets it from.

My Boy is growing up!

Jaxon is off on his own. Spreading his wings, if you will. He’s just been loaded on to a plane ALL BY HIMSELF!

He’s on his way to spend a week with Grandma in Darwin. He’s going to have such a good time.

He’ll be visiting his Great Grandma, going to see some crocs, he’s one lucky boy because he’ll be there for Territory Day. Tim is so jealous!!

Grandma will be coming back with him and visiting for a week. Can’t wait!



Tim was teasing me because he knew I’d cry. But I didn’t. he still teased me though. I will be nervous until he lands.

Getting Ready for Surgery

So, it’s happening. Jaxon is finally going to have his surgery. We’re not nervous yet.

Just the thought of him going through this is terrifying. But we don’t have a set date yet so we’re trying not to think about that part yet.

Even so, he’s had to have all the pre-surgery tests today and for the most part he was OK. UNTIL…he had to have blood drawn for the first time.

I don’t know why but whenever something tough like this has to happen, it’s Mum who has to hold the child down! Vaccinations, dentists, holding the gas mask over his face as he screams. All. On. Mum.

At any rate, we left the blood thing for the end of an entire day of testing. I’d like to say that the promise of Macca’s can cure any lack of willingness to be poked and prodded and drained of “all my blood” but unfortunately it wasn’t the case.



Boats and Spiders

Grandpa gave the boys a boat each for Christmas. So we went down to the local dam and gave them a whirl.

Well, one of the boats got stuck in some weedy stuff. So I suggested Tim go and get a log to pull it out.

The log he got to do this with was very large. The end he decided to put in the water was the heavy end. I innocently told him it would be easier to put the lighter end in when I noticed there was a MASSIVE spider on the end of the log.

This thing was huge!! And it was NOT happy with me!

YouTube Preview Image

20131124_105457 20131124_105947

Mum’s Birthday

It just so happened that my birthday fell on the day our Victorian Groodles decided to have a meet up. So the kids got to go to the dog beach at Ocean grove.

Jaxon’s never seen the ocean like this. He has seen a tide out, and he has seen tiny little lap waves. He’s played on muddy beaches.  But he has never seen the ocean alive like this.

I think he may have loved it!

Darwin Four

Because we were at the back of the plane and we waited until it was almost empty to get off, the cabin crew thought Jaxon and Dexter were the kids behind us traveling alone and supervised by the stewardess’. So when we walked by they were invited in to the cock pit to say hello. Jaxon was tickled pink. Dexter and Gordy didn’t give a shit!

The Tongue of Concentration

It would seem that the tongue of concentration is hereditary. I know I tend to stick my tongue out while I am painting and I have seen it in other member’s of Tim’s family as well as a few of my own while concentrating on the task at hand.

Like Brother…like brother??

But not quite right??

These photo’s clearly happened years apart.

The one on the left displaying Jaxon at his lowest moment in his third year of life. Being busted emptying a bottle or two of baby powder in his room while unsupervised. Tim and I both remember clearly that when we went in trying desperately not to laugh at what he had done he started pointing here and there saying “I hurt myself here, here and here, and I wet my pants”

The one on the right, taken not three hours ago is Dexter’s handy work. Possibly the highest point in his second year of life. See the proud look on his face?? Know what he said when we growled at him for doing it?? “DOUG DID!” DOUG!”

Jaxon’s Birthday

A visit to Grandpa’s seems to have become the tradition for January. We went last year too, though I think we missed the year before because Dexter was still too little to go on the ground down there.

This time, the tide was out. Which meant lot’s and LOT’s of MUD!!

Dad’s beautiful beach. You’ll just have to trust me on that! When the water’s in, it’s a great beach for swimming at! Jaxon is learning that you can dig to China here. Dookie is helping him. Sinking!The Isle Of JaxonThis is a cropped picture. Dougie is a LONG way out in the mud! We thought we’d have to wade out there to get him back!Look at that mud! This was half way through the mudification process. Yep. it got worse! (Look at his freaky foot!)If I have learned anything at Dad’s beach it is this.
My kids are NOTHING LIKE ME!! I have to teach them everything. They wont be talked or bribed in to learning anything (like say, MUD IS COOL!) without being shown. “What?”Teaching them, once again, that if you wiggle in the mud you can sink. Not one of them would 1) Believe me and 2) Give it a try!! I kind of got a little worried that I might be stuck here!Dad walked them home so we didn’t have muddy dog in the car. Yup. This dog, the muddy dog, is telling me “Oh hell no! I ain’t getting wet!” Dexter LOVES to play with water. Dad’s beautiful garden. I LOVE sitting in his garden and having the birds come in to feed. This little gnome has been sitting in Dad’s (my) back yard for so long now that if I was a little kid still I might think they actually just grew in every back yard. I painted him back up when I was about 10. I did a fairly bad job of it. but Dad kept him that way. As with the gnome. This kangaroo has been sitting in our back yard for longer than I’ve been alive. He started out life with my grandparents on Mum’s side. I believe anyway. Which means he must be pre-1980. I also painted him when I was 10, but he’s since had another artist take to him. That’s a wasp nest on his hands. Poor lil fella. Dougie all clean. Jaxon with his birthday cake. I adore this photo. I wish Dexter and I were in it too!!Dookie checking out his old master. Mexxie is an old lady now. She’s nearly seven. Jaxon with his birthday present. He and Dexter love this thing, even though we hate it for it’s NOISE!

Jaxon-ism’s 4562

Recently while cruising the isle’s of The Reject Shop I came across a couple little water squirter things. I thought both boys would be able to use them.

I was wrong. But anyway. Jaxon likes them.

Well Jaxon was playing with it and his tub of water under and on the trampoline. It didn’t look as innocent as it should have. I asked “What ya up to Jaxon?”

He replied quite matter of factly, “I was trying to get it to squirt over the fence” (where our neighbours were having a small gathering.

I said ‘I hope you’re not squirting our neighbours?’

“Well” he said,’they were arguing’

‘That’s got norhing to do with us’

‘Well actually, they were annoying!

Mum…I have a problem….

We normally have a chair sitting at the trampoline for Jaxon to climb up with.

But recently that became a problem. Because Dexter started trying to climb using the chair. And that wasn’t going so well for him.

Jaxon very quickly figured out a way of getting up with out the chair but this one day he missed a step and ended up like this.

I couldn’t help him, being that I can’t lift anything over a kilo for a few more weeks. But   I knew he could do it himself.


This here was his victory “I did it!” lapAnd this is Dougie running over to congratulate him.

Jaxon-ism 56249

We were putting Jaxon to bed the other night and as i left the room i said my usual line. “Nigh Nigh, Mummy loves you. I’ll see you in the morning”

He gave me his normal request, “can I play for a little bit?” Yes Jaxon. But ill be checking in on you in 10 minutes. You’d better be asleep.

He said “But if im not quiet as a mouse in ten minutes can I have ten more minutes and could I also have ten more chances?

Um no. Jaxon. But very clever way of saying “Just five more minutes” and stalling.

Grandma at the park.

Mum and I took the boys to the park one day last week. I got some really good photo’s both of the kids and of Dougie. And you too Mummy :)

Wow. That’s 64 photo’s. I’ve inserted it via gallery view. Which I don’t like doing. It looks less, me. Anyway. If you’d like to look closer at any of these photo’s just click on the image and it will show you the larger version.


Bubbles, bringing families together…

Jaxon has made it no real secret that he could care less if Dougie was here or not. He dislikes almost everything about him 80% of the time. Then 15% of the time, Dougies locked in the back yard and the other 5%…he actually loves him.

But that all changed after this night!! I think Jaxon forgot all about the dog, they had a common interest and goal and they did it without hurting each other or being scared of each other.

YouTube Preview Image


Sleep Over Time

The latest craze for all of our kids is sleepover’s!

Jaxon had two friends, James and Riley over on Wednesday night last week.

Here’s some pics. I also recorded a half hour conversation without them knowing and will need to figure out how to get it off my phone. Oh the stories that were told!!

Then, the next morning we got all crazy and made pancakes for 8 kids!!

Dougie was a little too late for pancakes. He made a slow and uncoordinated escape after being busted!

Shiny Teeth

Every night after Jaxon has brushed his teeth he runs to Tim and opens his mouth and Tim screams as if his teeth are too shiny to even look at. We have to pretend that he’s going to make us go blind if he keeps showing us his white teeth.

So the other night, this is what Tim did to Jaxon. Claiming that he was just protecting himself from going blind.

YouTube Preview Image

Jaxon doesn’t know it yet…

Jaxon doesn’t know it yet but we’re going to get him a new bike for his birthday. He’s outgrown this one.

This time we’re going to let him choose his own bike. We chose Toy Story for him last time because that’s all he liked.

Now he could go for any number of fantasy super hero’s so we’d better leave it to him.

School Holidays…

…means doing all the things you don’t really ever want to do with your kids.

Like, making MESS!!

I’m well set up for this kind of mess. But it’s so tiring doing this sort of thing with kids.

Child 1: I didn’t get a paint brush!
Me: I’m getting it for you right now, just give me a minute.
Child 2: I don’t have a paint brush either!
Me: I’m getting you one too. Just give me a minute.
Child 3: We don’t have water to wash our paint brushes with!
Me: I’ll do that when I’ve found your paint brushes.
Child 2: Hey she got the red paint brush. I want the red paint brush.
Me: Well I only have one red paint brush.
Child 3: I got the red paint brush. Nur Nur
Child 1: I want a red paint brush too.
Me: Sigh.

I don’t know how Miss J handles those kids all year around without just throwing her hands up in the air and yelling “I only have two hands now sit down, shut up and leave me alone!!!!”

Miss J is my new hero.

A um, proud moment??

Tim and I don’t know if we’re proud or ashamed of this award from school??

On one hand, he came first, out of one hundred and twenty odd other prep children racing Mario Kart.

On the other, how did he get so good?

But then, he also got a post card in the mail sent from his teacher Miss J rewarding him for always showing respect to her and his fellow class mates.

And an award for good thinking. Miss J tells me that when she asks him if he’s thinking he always pauses, put’s his hand up to scratch his chin and says “Hmmmm”

Yeah. We’re proud!

If Jaxon goes out in the woods tonight…

Make sure to remember to put mozzie repellant on!!

Jaxon got bitten by a mosquito at a BBQ last weekend.

(see last reaction here)

At first it started out as just a little red mark on his cheek late Saturday night.

By morning it was this…

By afternoon…

By night time it was this.

The only good thing about this bite was that it didn’t itch him and he said it didn’t hurt. He was given an antibiotic because the Doctor couldn’t see in his eye to make sure it wasn’t infected. We couldn’t actually SEE a bite until the swelling finally went down three days later. And, now we have to give him antihistamines if we’re going to be out where he might get bitten.

Literacy Week at Jaxon’s school

To celebrate literacy week at Jaxon’s school they had a dress up parade. Each child got to choose a character from a book and dress up for the day.

In true Jaxon fashion, he told me he wanted to be an airplane.

A Qantas one at that.

At five in the afternoon.

The day before the parade.

Thank you Jaxon. I don’t need sleep anyway.

Before that he was simply going to wear his Bumblebee costume. His Library teacher Miss N said she was sure there was a Transformers book in the Library but, nope. There wasn’t. So he couldn’t go as Bumblebee.

Believe it or not these are the only two photo’s I got of Jaxon in his Dr Seuss plane. It couldn’t be a Qantas plane since it had to be a character from a book. He wasn’t all that happy about not being Qantas. He wouldn’t even look at me for a photo.
Here are some photo’s of some of the teachers. It was such a fun day. Even for me. The buzz in the school grounds as all of the kids came in dressed in their costumes was awesome. Seeing the teachers having so much fun was great too. They put on a show for everyone at the end.

I’ll be better prepared next year…I hope!

Jaxon-ism’s 017

A few weeks ago while I was getting Jaxon ready for school he said to me, “Mum, I want to marry you when I grow up”

I answered that he couldn’t. Marrying me is illegal and besides that point, Daddy got here first. He asked me what he was going to do then (actually, he told me he wanted to marry his penis. Typical man!) and I told him he would need to find himself a nice little lady and ask her to marry him. When he grows up.

So this afternoon on the way home from school he said “Mum, I’ve decided who I’m going to marry” He’s going to marry Daytona” Daytona is a little girl from his class. She’s very sweet. And very pretty. Qualities which Jaxon has pointed out since telling me his little secret.

Oh yeah, it’s a secret. Daddy isn’t even allowed to know. Lucky Jaxon doesn’t read the blog then huh??

I asked him if Daytoina knew he was going to marry him so he said to me “I don’t know yet. I didn’t ask. Hold on. I’ll just send a text” (insert imaginary phone in to Jaxon’s hands) A few minutes later he told me that she had said yes. And then laughed.

Following this very entertaining conversation he also advised me that he’d been in a very important meeting today with Optimus Prime. I asked what it was all about and he said that OP had come to transform him so that they could go to the top of the Earth and play in the snow. Cool!

We had bacon and eggs for dinner tonight. Do you think he’d eat it?? No. He ate the toast, the bacon and the white parts of the egg. But he refused to eat the yolks. The yellow stuff as he calls it. So, since he had been told the previous night that we would make milkshakes after dinner he got told tonight that if he didn’t eat every single little bit of food on his plate he wouldn’t get his milkshake. Surprisingly, he didn’t get a milkshake tonight. I guess I’ll have to wait until he’s REALLY asleep to make one for Tim and I :)



Getting ready for a big move…

Dexter has been trying to tell us for a few weeks now that he thinks he’s ready to share a room with Jaxon. Each night, when we sit on the spare double bed (that Jaxon doesn’t like) to read a book, Dexter get’s comfortable in Jaxon’s bed laying on the ground.

Its getting very close to time that we thought about a bed for Dexter so we went out and updated Jaxon’s bed. We are getting bunk beds delivered on Thursday!

There’s a video to go with this post, that probably best shows why it’s a BAD idea for the boys to share a room just yet!


Jaxon got to go to his first fancy dress party. A Pirate Party. I had to take a photo before we went to the party because I knew he would take it all off within the first few minutes. I was right!!

School Holidays 002

These holidays have been all about sleep over’s for Jaxon and his friends. First, Jaxon stayed with his friend James (top photo) for his fifth birthday party. Then James got to stay with us for a night and his sister Haliegh (bottom) got to stay a night after that. Then Jaxon once again stayed with James and Haliegh.

They had a BALL.

Battle of Will’s

A typical night here for dinner would mean having conversations with Jaxon that would go like this from the moment I told him what we were having for dinner.

Jaxon: What are we having for dinner??
Mum: We’re having…
… steak and three veg…
… fettuccini carbonara…
… steamed chicken and vegitables…
… insert any number of meals here…

Jaxon: I don’t like…
… steak and three veg…
… fettuccini carbonara…
… steamed chicken and vegitables…
… insert any number of meals here…

Every single night we have to battle him at the kitchen table. Every night we have to fight with him to eat his dinner. Regardless of the fact if he has had it before and loved it, never tried it or only had it once. Its so repetitive and by far our biggest challenge when it comes to raising Jaxon.

We have tried various methods to try and get him to eat more (I am so so so so so so so sorry for doing this to you Mum!) or try something new (including cakes and sweets!) We have sent him to bed hungry on various occasions. We have sat and tried to reason with him. We have yelled at him. We’ve tried negotiating number of mouthful’s before he can leave the table and stop being begged to eat his dinner. We have tried it all and he just does not repsond to those things.

Mid way through our first discussion about all of the reasons he couldn’t eat dinner I decided I would try something different. I forced him to sit at the table until he finshed his dinner.

We all ate our dinner and then moved away from the table. I did the dishes, played with Dexter and gave him a bottle. For one and a half hours Jaxon sat at the table with his cold spaghetti.

He tried every single trick in the book! He dug really deep this time!

… Muuum, I’m not hungry…
… Mum I’ve got a sore throat…
… Maaaaarrrrmeeee, I have a sore tummy…
… Mum, I just don’t want it…
… Mum I’m very very sad…
… Mummeeeeeeeee, I’m going to cry!…

He really did cry! He’s never cried at the kitchen table like that. But he refused to eat all night before finally getting told to go to bed hungry ten minutes before bedtime!

So I’m hoping I won this battle of will’s with him tonight. Since starting school he’s really been one up on me behaviour and additude wise and I am hoping this will be my one up on him for a breath of fresh air!

Yay…we’re free!!

This possibly fall’s under a Jaxon-ism.

I’ve decided these school holidays that I have a couple of new goals to reach.

One, I want to lose three kilo’s. To get me below 80. I haven’t been below 80 since I was 16 or so!

Two, to start taking more GOOD photo’s of the boys. I’ve been using the auto function for nearly two years now. Since Tim had his MS attack.

So I haven’t taken them out for a very long time to do JUST that. I don’t think Jaxon would even remember our little trips to parks and creeks and what not just  to take photos. As I said, first time in years.

Yet when I put the camera down for a few minutes he asked me if I was going to stop taking photo’s. When I replied yes he exclaimed “Yay, we’re freeee”

It can’t be that bad can it?? For furture reference Jaxon, Mummy only has a few baby to teen photo’s to remember life as a child by. Count yourself lucky!

My anal retentiveness means I have to seperate these photo’s because they’re different layouts and it would piss me off to look at all mixed up!

Thanks to daylight savings I actually took the boys to the park at just past 7am in the morning. I was wondering why no one else was there!

Jaxon’s First Public Appearance!!

You know, Jaxon’s been having a hard time dealing with school emotionally. We think he has a hard time being away from me and Dexter during the day and when he gets tired he gets very emotional about everything. He’s scared he’ll do something wrong and he gets upset when he doesn’t know how to do something and wont ask for help. He holds it all inside until BANG…it comes out in one big burst of emotions.

That’s unfortunately, exactly like me. Down to the letter I was like him. I cried for the first 6 weeks of school when Mum left and I put little or big (as Mum would say, pfft!) brick walls up when I was scared of trying and I wouldn’t even try. BUT. I was incredibly confident otherwise.

This little video shows just how much like me Jaxon is. I was the kid volunteering to speak in front of huge crowds. And I was really good at it too! I did speeches for the school when important people came to visit and I was always the “president” of the SRC every year until year 12. I was highly involved with things like that.

In talks with various people from the school, we’ve come to the conclusion that Jaxon (and I) is a perfectionist. He doesn’t like it if he doesn’t know how to do things. He feels silly when he see’s that other people know how to do things better and though having more practice would seem like a logical step towards getting things right or better, it’s easier NOT to do them and NOT get seen learning and failing when all you want is to get it right and be good at it RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND.

So here’s the video of his little speech. I am so very proud of him and hope he keeps his confidence up to do things like this for years to come. Public speaking really is a hard thing to do but it always came very naturally to me and I hope it does for Jaxon too.

I’d just like to note, before you watch the video, that in practice the kids that got to speak were asked to think of two things to say about their hats. In practice, Jaxon only said two things about his hat. But when he got on that microphone he didn’t want to stop!

I was a little worried that when his teacher Miss Jodie asked him “How did you make your hat” that he would say “My Mum made my hat” :)

Jaxon’s First Sunrise…

Jaxon’s body clock is set to 5.45am these days. It doesn’t matter how often I tell him to go back to bed because it’s still dark (“But I’m hungry”) or go and watch TV until my alarm goes off at 7am (“But I’m cold”) he will insist that I wake up with him.

This one morning, he asked me what was wrong with the sky. Apparently it was his first sunrise. So we got ourselves a big blanket and we went and watched it rise together. It was a beautiful morning spent together.


It was labor day weekend this past weekend so Jaxon had the day off, though Tim didn’t. The boys and I went to the park and it turns out…Dexter LOVES the slide.

After the first few goes with Jaxon he started to climb 4 inches up the slide and then “slide” down yelling “ahhhhh weeeee”

I need to be a Turtle!

The other night when we yelled out “teeth time” like you hear in this video, Dexter got off my lap in the lounge room and toddled off to the bath room for teeth time all by himself. Then he got off the bench, walked in to Jaxon’s room straight over to his power point to turn on his light and music. When he thought he’d turned on the light and music he went over to choose a book to read! That is our exact routine and Dex knew it by heart. It was like he’s been doing it for thirty years or something. Do you think I can get him to do it again for video? NO! Still trying though!

In the mean time, here’s another of the boys playing together :) Love my boys!

That dreaded day…

Jaxon said it. He actually said it!!! He said…nope. I can’t even begin to say it!

OK. You twisted my arm. He said…


All because I wouldn’t let him out side while Daddy was using the angle grinder!

He was sitting on the couch bitching about it and said IT so I kept walking and said “Fine, stay there until you do” Needless to say it only took about three mintues for him to change his mind about me but I gave him an hour of guilt over the hurt he made me feel and he got put to bed right after dinner.
The next day, Valintines Day, he gave me a big red heart that had “I love you Mummy” on it.

He’s growing up so quickly. Not two days later he’s added to his artilery, “if you don’t I’ll go and live somewhere else. Somewhere far far away”

First Day of School

The bottom photo was the morning of his first day.

Well, Jaxon’s first day of Prep has come and gone. It seems to have been a success. Nothing much has changed from kinder though. He still has this memory loss where he forgets what he does each day and continues to tell us that he did “nothing” all day.

I sent him in with a jam roll, a tub of yogurt, rice crackers, an LCM bar and an apple juice. Well. The little shit comes home and tell’s me that we’re not allowed to take yogurt to school. Ms. Jodie, his teacher told him so. I was dissapointed, and a little puzzled at first, because Jaxon loves yogurt and I thought it was a nice healthy thing to send him with.

Then, as the night progressed I started thinking that maybe it was because the yogurt might go off in his lunch bag. Or maybe, it’s too messy to be had at school. I felt the fool. What a stupid mother I am to not think of these things when getting his lunch ready.

But soon after that we started cluing in that he may in fact be telling porky’s. It became pretty obvious when he tried to tell us that we weren’t allowed to send him in with sandwiches or fruit either, that we were ONLY allowed to send him in with chocolate and cake. Hmmmmm.

Also, after his first day, on our drive home he told us that he would be alright to walk himself to school from now on. He knows how, and can do it all alone. Never mind that his school is about 4 km’s away and that he would have countless roads and parks to cross!!

His second day seemed to have been more productive. Ms Jodie tell’s me that it’s prefectly fine to send him with yogurt if I want. He showed us that he can play hopscotch and…he learned the word “doodle”.  In context, “I’m going to change in the lounge room so Dexter doesn’t bite my doodle off”

My little boy is growing up :)