Literacy Week at Jaxon’s school

To celebrate literacy week at Jaxon’s school they had a dress up parade. Each child got to choose a character from a book and dress up for the day.

In true Jaxon fashion, he told me he wanted to be an airplane.

A Qantas one at that.

At five in the afternoon.

The day before the parade.

Thank you Jaxon. I don’t need sleep anyway.

Before that he was simply going to wear his Bumblebee costume. His Library teacher Miss N said she was sure there was a Transformers book in the Library but, nope. There wasn’t. So he couldn’t go as Bumblebee.

Believe it or not these are the only two photo’s I got of Jaxon in his Dr Seuss plane. It couldn’t be a Qantas plane since it had to be a character from a book. He wasn’t all that happy about not being Qantas. He wouldn’t even look at me for a photo.
Here are some photo’s of some of the teachers. It was such a fun day. Even for me. The buzz in the school grounds as all of the kids came in dressed in their costumes was awesome. Seeing the teachers having so much fun was great too. They put on a show for everyone at the end.

I’ll be better prepared next year…I hope!

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