School Holidays…

…means doing all the things you don’t really ever want to do with your kids.

Like, making MESS!!

I’m well set up for this kind of mess. But it’s so tiring doing this sort of thing with kids.

Child 1: I didn’t get a paint brush!
Me: I’m getting it for you right now, just give me a minute.
Child 2: I don’t have a paint brush either!
Me: I’m getting you one too. Just give me a minute.
Child 3: We don’t have water to wash our paint brushes with!
Me: I’ll do that when I’ve found your paint brushes.
Child 2: Hey she got the red paint brush. I want the red paint brush.
Me: Well I only have one red paint brush.
Child 3: I got the red paint brush. Nur Nur
Child 1: I want a red paint brush too.
Me: Sigh.

I don’t know how Miss J handles those kids all year around without just throwing her hands up in the air and yelling “I only have two hands now sit down, shut up and leave me alone!!!!”

Miss J is my new hero.

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