Jaxon-ism’s 3575

I was having a hot bubble bath at 2.30 in the morning when I heard a few very hard bumps in the night coming from Jaxon’s room.

After the second one I thought I had better go and check on him.

When I opened his door my jaw nearly hit the ground and I’m pretty sure if I’d had coke in my mouth I would have spurted it out of my nose.

Jaxon was laying flat on his back. He was wearing his warm red hoodie. But he had no pj bottoms on. Only blue undies.

The kicker? He had also somehow managed to stuff two ducky’s and a rather large soft spiderman doll in to the jacket.

He had red arms, yellow feet and beaks poking out everywhere! He looked like Santa’s toy sack full of toys poking out here and there. Or a body builder gone very wrong. To be more accurate, a body builder gone wrong with ghostly white chicken legs. SO. You know what comes next right?



I quickly ducked out to get the camera. While I was walking back to his room I got worried that my opening his door and walking in closer would wake him. Which would of course be a pain in the ass for me but more importantly, I’d miss the BEST sleeping photo EVER!

So I did a video instead. I got as far as whispering into the microphone “This one can’t be missed” when, once I got to the crack in the door he totally busted me trying to sneak in! WITH the camera!!

Bad Mummy!! 0

Unfortunately he had already taken off his jacket and was replacing it with a t-shirt claiming he was just too hot.

Bugger! I think I really could have got a video on to Funniest Home Video’s.

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