Dougie Dumbass

Yep. That’s Dougie’s Surname.

He is the perfect, shining example of a well behaved dog on lead. He sits, drops, stays, sits back up, stays and turns and all this other stuff most of your dogs will never know the meaning of. He’ll even come on command. But you let him off that lead and it’s almost as if you disappear! Especially if there is food or Lucky about.

Anyway. Somehow, despite all of his puppy floors, I love him. And I love training with him of a Saturday afternoon. Where I get to be proud of him and show off a little because 1) He is a stunning looking dog and 2) he is exceptionally good on lead.

Well, about three weeks ago we participated in what the club call’s a Fun Day. I had no idea what that actually meant, but it sounded like FUN and they did a sausage sizzle. Who could refuse hey??

Of 47 dogs in our class (level 1) Dougie and I came Third. Oh how I wish we had come first. But alas, we shall need to try harder. Or release rabbits for the 46 other contestants! We were graduated to Level 2 that day and given a pretty white ribbon to hang on the wall.

Level Two has been interesting to say the least. Being that Dougie just does not like men, or strangers. My new trainer walked by a few times. Offered food a few times. And Dougie seemed very content to take that food and give a little tail wag. But when that same trainer tried to demonstrate a move with Dougie, who is very good at said move compared to the other 10 dogs in our little group, things didn’t quite go to plan.

At first, Dougie was fine. He walked along, heeling as he would normally do. And sitting when he was told. But then!! Dougie LOOKED UP. And if he could have talked he would have said “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY MUMMY!?” Because two seconds later said male trainer was holding on to Dougie’s lead for dear life as Dougie tried to escape him, doing circles around and around him like a little puppy merry go round.

Anyway. Here are some Fun Day Photo’s. No matter what any one else thinks, I am proud of my dog, proud of the training I do with him and proud that we came third.

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