Dexter is talking up a storm and I really should be recording it as it happens so I don’t forget! This is from memory…so not so much.


While I went in to the shops leaving Daddy and Dex in the car, they had a conversation about Dragons. When I got back Dexter told me “I want to be a faggot.” Um, what?? “I want to be a faggon.” Daddy?? He wants to be a dragon!


Dexter: Burp

Daddy: What do you say?

Dexter: Iron Man.

Daddy: Dexter, what do you say?

Dexter: Pardon me Iron Man.


Dexter ‘meowed’ at me then licked my forehead.  Um….


Dougie has chewed the bottoms off of both of Woody’s feet (Toy Story)

Dexter just came to us and showed us, saying “Look, no snake in his boots”


Me, draping our fitted sheet over two chairs under the heater vent to dry.

Dexter says ‘Why you making cubby house?’ And I reply ‘Its not really a cubby house. Our sheets need to dry’

Dexter replies ‘Well, its a perfect cubby house too’ and hops under.

He’s been busy moving all of his bedding and toys into his cubby house for half an hour. I expect he’ll want to sleep there.


I will TRY to put them up as they happen!

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