At bed time Jaxon get’s ten minutes to play with his lego. At some point, way past his ten minutes he will come out to show us something he has built and we will tell him it’s time to turn his light off and go to bed.

Well the last few weeks he has been coming out AFTER that point claiming that he was “sleep building” so that he could show us what he’s been making.

Good try, but GO TO SLEEP!


Jaxon’s new craze. Marbles.

Jaxon: I think I lost some of my marbles.

Me: Me too.

Jaxon: I didn’t know you had marbles?

Me: of course you didn’t.  I lost them.


On our way to drop Dexter off at day care a man stopped at the lights next to us opened his window and spat out of it.

Me: What a dirty disgusting pig!
Jaxon: Was there a pig in that car?

jaxon resized

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