For *my* birthday this year we decided to take the kids to Monster Jam. Our Saturday nights have been a treat for them lately, getting to stay up late to watch it with us. By late I mean, like a full half an hour past bed time. But they didn’t know that!

The day was awesome. Though Jaxon was a crank for the first bit of getting to see the trucks up close and personal.

See that child smiling in the photo? Yep, not mine! Some other lucky parents had a kid who was delighted to be taken to something so BIG!

20141004_120148The day improved once we got to our seats. Kids cheered up. 

20141004_125731 20141004_133037 20141004_134407The trucks did not fail to deliver a show.

20141004_125328 20141004_140834 20141004_143451 20141004_152636 20141004_154210 20141004_155037This last one was a back flip that we’d been waiting for all day. It happened so fast that we nearly missed it!

The between show of stunt bikes was far more exciting I think. The next big thing we take them to will probably have to involve those.

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