Dexter-ism’s # 873

Dexter likes scrambled eggs. I make point of this because Jaxon, doesn’t like ANYTHING. Dexter will try anything and if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like it. Jaxon on the other hand can simply hear the name of something, or look at something and swear “he doesn’t like it”

I don’t know where he could have got this particular trait from. But MY parents might have something to say about it :)

At any rate, Dexter LIKES scrambled eggs. So the other day we were having them for lunch and he was on the bench watching me crack eggs. He asked if he could do it and I don’t care what Julie Goodwin says, cooking with kids and making a mess is NOT FUN. So I told him “when you’re older”

Then he looked over at Dougie’s pill’s. Another thing he wants to do (give Dougie his daily pill) that I’m not so willing to let him do just yet.

He said to me straight faced “When I am older you will let me give Dougie his medicine right?” Yes, of course. Then he throws out that “when I am older I will be able to cook. But right now I’m a terrible cook”

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