Getting Ready for Surgery

So, it’s happening. Jaxon is finally going to have his surgery. We’re not nervous yet.

Just the thought of him going through this is terrifying. But we don’t have a set date yet so we’re trying not to think about that part yet.

Even so, he’s had to have all the pre-surgery tests today and for the most part he was OK. UNTIL…he had to have blood drawn for the first time.

I don’t know why but whenever something tough like this has to happen, it’s Mum who has to hold the child down! Vaccinations, dentists, holding the gas mask over his face as he screams. All. On. Mum.

At any rate, we left the blood thing for the end of an entire day of testing. I’d like to say that the promise of Macca’s can cure any lack of willingness to be poked and prodded and drained of “all my blood” but unfortunately it wasn’t the case.



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