You’ll miss it when…

I’m going to miss this age they say.

I’m going to miss Jaxon antagonizing Dexter when he thinks we’re not listening.
I’m going to miss Dexter whining and running to us in tears because Jaxon is antagonizing him.

I’m apparently going to miss conversations like this.

Dexter: You cheated!
Jaxon: Its not cheating if you’re better than someone else.
Dexter: I’m not going to be your friend anymore.
Jaxon: You don’t have to be my friend. You just have to be my brother.
Dexter: So you’re not my friend anymore?
Jaxon: No. I’m your brother. And you have to love me no matter if I’m your friend or not.
Dexter: Muuuum! Jaxon said he’s not my friend and he hates me!

Yeah. I’m going to miss this.

Old school

The boys sharing a room just isn’t going to plan.

We had thought that after some amount of time the excitement would die down and sleep would only take half an hour or so to find.

But this is THREE HOURS after bed time.

Time to change them BACK to being in their OWN bed rooms.


Brothers just wanna have fun…

Every time Dexter wakes up and we can hear him stirring through the monitor Jaxon will ask me if he can “Go and say hello”

Today though, as I listened to him saying hello, the playing seemed to be going on forever. Normally either Jaxon comes out proclaiming he’s done saying hello or Dexter get’s so hungry that he starts to kick up a fuss.

None of that today. I finally got suspicious and went to see what all the giggling was about.