So much to say!

It’s been yonks since I’ve updated here and let me tell you…I’ve missed it! I have so much to share, so much to tell you and yet…I’m not going to.(yet)

I wanted to give you a LIVE Jaxon’ism!!!

The other day my friends brought us over their old TV unit and it’s become Jaxon’s new toy. He is OBSESSED with cleaning it.

He get’s his wet cloth and he wipes it down from head to toe at least five times a day.

Today though, while I was cleaning the kitchen and he was cleaning his TV Unit he started giving me instructions.

“Hey Mummy. How about I stay here and clean and you go to the shopping center and get Daddy some milk. And me some milk.  And me an egg. I’ll stay here cleaning. And you need to go to the hospital (hostpital) because Rory has a sore leg. And I’ll stay here cleaning. Ok Mummy?”



Just in case you’re not in the know…Rory is from “Rory The Racing Car” Cartoon. He’s one of Jaxon’s many cartoon imaginary friends.

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