First Day of School

The bottom photo was the morning of his first day.

Well, Jaxon’s first day of Prep has come and gone. It seems to have been a success. Nothing much has changed from kinder though. He still has this memory loss where he forgets what he does each day and continues to tell us that he did “nothing” all day.

I sent him in with a jam roll, a tub of yogurt, rice crackers, an LCM bar and an apple juice. Well. The little shit comes home and tell’s me that we’re not allowed to take yogurt to school. Ms. Jodie, his teacher told him so. I was dissapointed, and a little puzzled at first, because Jaxon loves yogurt and I thought it was a nice healthy thing to send him with.

Then, as the night progressed I started thinking that maybe it was because the yogurt might go off in his lunch bag. Or maybe, it’s too messy to be had at school. I felt the fool. What a stupid mother I am to not think of these things when getting his lunch ready.

But soon after that we started cluing in that he may in fact be telling porky’s. It became pretty obvious when he tried to tell us that we weren’t allowed to send him in with sandwiches or fruit either, that we were ONLY allowed to send him in with chocolate and cake. Hmmmmm.

Also, after his first day, on our drive home he told us that he would be alright to walk himself to school from now on. He knows how, and can do it all alone. Never mind that his school is about 4 km’s away and that he would have countless roads and parks to cross!!

His second day seemed to have been more productive. Ms Jodie tell’s me that it’s prefectly fine to send him with yogurt if I want. He showed us that he can play hopscotch and…he learned the word “doodle”.  In context, “I’m going to change in the lounge room so Dexter doesn’t bite my doodle off”

My little boy is growing up :)

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