That dreaded day…

Jaxon said it. He actually said it!!! He said…nope. I can’t even begin to say it!

OK. You twisted my arm. He said…


All because I wouldn’t let him out side while Daddy was using the angle grinder!

He was sitting on the couch bitching about it and said IT so I kept walking and said “Fine, stay there until you do” Needless to say it only took about three mintues for him to change his mind about me but I gave him an hour of guilt over the hurt he made me feel and he got put to bed right after dinner.
The next day, Valintines Day, he gave me a big red heart that had “I love you Mummy” on it.

He’s growing up so quickly. Not two days later he’s added to his artilery, “if you don’t I’ll go and live somewhere else. Somewhere far far away”

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