Jaxon-ism’s 10,011

Jaxon’s going through a bit of a food strike at the moment and isn’t eating lunch at school. So when he gets home he’s starving and I wont give him anything because he has a perfectly good lunch to eat. So until dinner, he can eat his lunch…or go hungry.

He’s choosing to go hungry. But that doesn’t mean he can’t hassle me every 42.5 seconds about when dinner is going to be…or when I’m going to start dinner. Or can I have something to eat that’s NOT my lunch??

This afternoon I told him, after answering this question for two hours that I would start dinner in 5 minutes. Two minutes later he asked again so I said “Yes Jaxon I’m cooking dinner right now. Now get off my back”

“I’m not on your back. Are you cooking dinner yet?”

How is it possible to love something and dispise it at the very same time!?

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