Stupid Snails!

Tonight, at bed time, a snail was making it’s way across Jaxon’s window as we put his blind down. A teeny weeny one, no bigger or smaller than a 5 cent piece.

Well after his book Jaxon was trying to stall and said “I just want to see if the snail is still there”

Well, being the know it all mother that I am I said “The snail will still be there now lay down”

Just to be safe Jaxon insisted that he “just check and see”

So as we went to open up the blind I made him a deal. I said “If that snail is STILL there, you can’t come and wake me up until there is an 8 on the clock. IF, by small chance, the snail is already gone then you can wake me up whenever you want”

I was SO CONFIDENT! How far can a snail move in 3.5 minutes? NOT FAR right!?

Open up the blinds…SNAIL GONE! Stupid snail fell off the window and hadn’t moved a muscle since!

I’m betting Jaxon will stick to pr push the boundaries of his 5am wake up calls tomorrow!

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