Jaxon-ism’s 117

On the way home from Nanny and Poppy’s in the dark

Jaxon: Hey! The moons following us!
Mum and Dad: Is it??
Jaxon: That’s funny. The moon doesn’t have legs!

On going to the toilet before bed…

Jaxon: Mum, I don’t want to go to the toilet, it smells.
Mum: What does it smell like Jaxon?
Jaxon: Chicken nuggets.

On the car wash we passed.

Jaxon: Hey Mum, I know what that big machine is that washes the cars!!
Mum: What’s it called Jaxon?
Jaxon: A car wash!
Mum: How do you know that Jaxon? Did you learn that at school??
Jaxon: No, I just know.

Last week both boys were sick. I think it’s really the first time I’ve ever had to deal with them both being so sick at the same time and it was TOUGH! They only had a bad cough and a very snotty running nose but they were both having trouble sleeping through the cough.

So this one night Dexter wakes up at 1.45am. I get up, give him a bottle and get him settled back down by about 3am. At which point, Jaxon wakes up during one of his coughing fits and comes out to me just as I’m heading back to bed.

He said to me “Mum, do you stay up all night every night??”

It was such a bad night. I had Dexter first, then Jaxon. Then once I got him to go back to bed Dexter woke up again and by the time HE went back to bed, Jaxon woke up for his usual morning like he wasn’t sick and didn’t need rest! By the end of the four days I had both boys home coughing at slattering at me…I certainly needed a rest!

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