Jaxon-ism’s hot off the press

Jaxon: Mum, Dad. Guess what?
M&D: What? What??
Jaxon: I went to the toilet without the light on.
Daddy: Good for you. Buddy.
Mum: Um, how about we leave the light turned on for a few more years Jaxon. What if you miss the toilet and wee on the wall? Mummy needs to clean that up. Yuk.
Dad: Yeah, ok (wise and wonderful almighty thinking ahead wife of my children) how about for now you just use the lights so you can see the toilet bowl Jaxon.
Jaxon: I don’t need to though.
Mum: Why?
Jaxon: I have my glow in the dark Pj’s on so I can see.

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