The kids holidays

Needless to say, the kids had a BALL!

We somehow fit in their bikes so they could ride around.

Jaxon learned the very important life lesson about cattle grids and how to ride over them faster than he did the first time. He got brought back to us in the back of a ute by two lovely old men after his front tyre fell through the grid and he fell off.

The water was freezing but in typical kid fashion (ok, I got in too!) they were in there almost all day. Not a single “I’m bored” from either of them. Jaxon made friends with the feral kids up the way and got to go in their boat across the river. Once. Once because little did we know feral mother and feral father were planning on just dropping the kids off in NSW and going fishing up the river! The four boys disappeared in to the bush and around the bend with no adult supervision. On the OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER! No thanks!

Dexter made friends with the grey nomads camping next door. They were our saviors twice! The first time when our car battery went flat and we needed a jump start and the second when our gazebo broke a screw and Norm had a replacement for us. He had EVERYTHING! Dexter told him he’d have to get our address so he could come to our house for a play date.















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