Tim’s catch of the holiday…

I said in my earlier post that Tim didn’t catch anything. He made a pretty big deal about it so I think the universe heard him.

On our very last day, as we packed up camp, our lines with their trusty alert bells were in all day. We’d forgotten all about them.

About an hour before we left the resident pelicans (a trio) started their lazy trip up stream. We watched them as they came closer but didn’t think anything of it. Until of course, they started swimming under Tim’s line one by one.

Pelican One. Nothing.

Pelican Two. Nothing.

Pelican Three? Dingaling! Dingaling! Dingaling!

It might possibly have been the highlight of everyone’s holiday, watching Tim run down to his fishing rod as it bounced up and down and up and down as said Pelican Three flew off. He got there just in time to stop him from dragging the rod in to the river, and I know he wouldn’t have gone in for it if it had gone!


Fishing, as usual!

I caught one of the biggest carp I’ve ever seen. It was a huge battle in the dark but wow. He was huge. Pity carp are yuk. We did try to tie one up over night (successfully) to try and cook it during the day but feral child let it go in the morning.

I hope you know I’m not talking about any of our feral kids. I’m talking about feral child from up the way. The child who rode Jaxon’s bike deep in to the river, threw an axe at Dougie D, threw a shovel at Jaxon and was ALWAYS making Dexter cry by telling him he hated him and he should go away.

Tim didn’t catch anything…or did he?? Stay tuned!


Joel was my best company at times. He’s grown up so much!



When it rains…

When Tash and Doug finally joined us we decided to join all of our gazebo’s together. The crappy $65 one we got from Bunnings died in two days of wind and feral child breaking two of it’s guide ropes. We had to go in to town and spend a lot of money (we missed ebay there!) on a new one.

Anyhoo, we ended up with a 6m X 6m gazebo for the four of us and the five of them. Two kitchens and plenty of space for tables and what not.

But while I got left in camp and the other adults left me with the kids it RAINED! Guess where the rain from the four joining gazebo’s goes when it rains? Yep…IN! So all by myself I had to frantically move everything away from the center.

We also had a couple movie nights in there.



The kids holidays

Needless to say, the kids had a BALL!

We somehow fit in their bikes so they could ride around.

Jaxon learned the very important life lesson about cattle grids and how to ride over them faster than he did the first time. He got brought back to us in the back of a ute by two lovely old men after his front tyre fell through the grid and he fell off.

The water was freezing but in typical kid fashion (ok, I got in too!) they were in there almost all day. Not a single “I’m bored” from either of them. Jaxon made friends with the feral kids up the way and got to go in their boat across the river. Once. Once because little did we know feral mother and feral father were planning on just dropping the kids off in NSW and going fishing up the river! The four boys disappeared in to the bush and around the bend with no adult supervision. On the OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER! No thanks!

Dexter made friends with the grey nomads camping next door. They were our saviors twice! The first time when our car battery went flat and we needed a jump start and the second when our gazebo broke a screw and Norm had a replacement for us. He had EVERYTHING! Dexter told him he’d have to get our address so he could come to our house for a play date.















The scenery…

The scenery here is just…spectacular! If I could live in a little hut on the Murray for the rest of my life I would.

I love waking up to the birds singing. I love going to sleep listening to the fire crackle away in to the night.








The photo below was taken in the middle of the night in the middle of a storm.


This next one was just long exposure in full moon light.


Marking our territory…

First things first, marking our territory!

Last year we decided with all the rain that we had with no substantial shelter, that our next purchase would have to be a gazebo. That obnoxious orange thing is it. Ebay, huh?

The flag is my special touch. I’m always proud to see so many flags flying when we’re camping, thought I’d join the band wagon!


Since we’re waiting for Tash, Doug and Co to show up next week we really are marking territory! We are spread out all over the place to stop people from taking the space we’ve saved for them. A family of ferals from town have been set up for the last three weeks. Prime Real Estate!

Remember the bad start?

Well we had a bad ending too!

It was so wet at our camping spot that the ground was all slippery and dangerous.

My Dad got his friend to tow the trailer out of the park thinking that we wouldn’t be able to do it on the mud slide roads. The mudslide roads were fun. Slipping and sliding all over the place. Watching Kangaroo’s jumping off in to the bush as we approached.

We got out in one piece. The trouble happened when we stopped about 15 KM’s from where we got our flat tyre. It was a road side stop that if a tree hadn’t of fallen over the road, we would have just driven around and out again.

But no. We had a tree.

So we did a U-turn and got bogged!! In very deep mud. Right in front of a great big bull ants nest (biggest bull ants I’ve ever seen) so neither of us could stand at the front of the car and push to help get us out.

We were incredibly lucky that across the park there was a lone grey nomad who kindly unhitched his own caravan and came to the rescue. Otherwise who knows how long we would have been stuck there!

20140410_163238 20140410_163255 20140410_163623

Rain, Rain!

Once it started raining all hope was lost.

The first day we went in to town and did all of our washing. We bought the boys rain jackets to try and keep them dry.

By the second day, though it wasn’t too miserable, we just couldn’t keep dry and we ran out of dry socks REALLY fast!

The boys had fun being able to run and jump in the puddles as we took down the camp site and said a sad fair well to a camping trip that could have been longer if we were better prepared.

Gumboots, a gazebo and more socks are on top of our list for our next camping trip!

DSC_0023 (1024x680) DSC_0027 (1024x680) DSC_0042 (1024x680) (2) DSC_0053 (1024x680) DSC_0058 (1024x680) (2) DSC_0062 (1024x680) DSC_0074 DSC_0082 (1024x648) DSC_0083 (1024x739) DSC_0088 (1024x680) DSC_0092 (1024x680) DSC_0095 (1024x680) DSC_0114 (680x1024)

Dougie’s Camping Experience

There is probably no need to say it, but Dougie had a blast camping.

All those new smell’s to smell. All those new smells to roll in. And our Dad’s dog to play with.

Within the first few hours though we noticed he was covered in burrs. Hundreds of them. His beautiful tail had to be snipped off and he had an impromptu hair cut with the scissors within the first day. I was very upset about the tail :(

20140409_162347 20140409_162352DSC_0019 (680x1024) DSC_0045 (1024x680) DSC_0050 (1024x680) DSC_0065 (1024x680) DSC_0108 (680x1024) (2)

Camping, off to a bad start!

Easter Holidays! Yay! Off to go camping on the Murray with my Dad. What could be better?? Nothing. Nothing at all could be better.

Although, not getting a flat tyre on the way would have been nice!

Not only did we get a flat tyre but we were towing the trailer. AND, the boot where the spare tyre sat was filled to the brim with a whole heap of HEAVY stuff. Like our gas fridge. Tim had to empty it out in order to change the flat.

An hour and a half later we were back on our way. Phew! 20140405_124200 20140405_125042

Camping continued…

Jaxon is always begging us to let him share a room with Dexter.

This here is the perfect reason for us saying no!!

You can mainly hear Dexter. Only sometimes does Jaxon make enough noise to be heard on camera. That is because Jaxon over the years has learned that if he’s quiet and doing something he shouldn’t…you don’t get in trouble as much :)

Camping Again…

The billabong type water hole at the bottom of a hill within the caravan park. I made the mistake of taking Dexter down in his pram and then had to lug him all the way up again!

Dexter having an afternoon nap in the shade. At the time I thought, beauty…I can go have a nap! Tim and Dad where fixing the tail lights on the caravan with Jaxon and Anne was snoozing too so I had the perfect chance to do it. But when push came to shove and I lay in the tent where I could no longer see him all I could think of was…what if someone walks past and nicks Dexter while no one is watching? Once I got that thought in my head nap time opportunity for me was gone!

Tim put the Hammock up while I wasn’t watching. While I didn’t have the camera out. Which is a huge shame becuase from what I hear, Australia’s Funniest Home Video’s may have got a new video from us!

The reference to a soap on a rope came when Jaxon asked Daddy what they were sitting on. Daddy didn’t tell him so I suggested that it might be a tea bag or a soap on a rope. Jaxon went with soap on a rope for a few minutes before we told him what it’s really called. Though I didn’t dare get in, all of the boys had their fair share of fun sitting and swinging in it together or alone.

Dexter spent a good 3-5 hours of his weekend checking out the features of Jaxon’s bike. And still, he didn’t find the bell, which we conveniently didn’t mention in all that time. He was totally mesmerized by Jaxon’s bike! Here might be a good time to mention that Dexter spent the first day of our camping trip in a one piece suit doing what he wanted and going where he wanted. We were right next to the park’s kiddy park and he went there. He came back to us looking for things to do. By the end of the first day his blue suit and white socks were black….but he had a ball with all of his freedom!

See…climbing in to Dad’s caravan!

Cooking dinner under the ever watchful eye of Dad :)

I’m ALWAYS taking photo’s of Tim and the kids together and then reminding him that he has to do the same too. Otherwise we have this blog and photo albums, that *I* spend all of *MY* time lovingly writing posts to so that one day the boys will have a life to look back over…and *I’m* not even in it! It will be as if Tim’s a single Dad who does a heap of stuff with his kids…and I’m the mother who was never around to do anything with them!

So towards the end of most of our family trips I have to say “Take photo’s of MEE with the boys!” even if there had been hundreds of opportunities to do so. Well, this one time he takes photo’s of me without me asking and says he’s taken heaps. But guess what…they all look the same. All THREE of them. Except the wind has blown my hair over my face in one and Dookie is looking guilty for some reason in the other. Get your game on Tim!!!
Camping cooking doesn’t always have to be simple! This is the roast I did on Saturday night. It was to die for!!

A really nice photo of Dad with Dexter. He was tickling him and Dexter was squealing in delight!

Dookie all grown up, three years old. It was kind of funny. We went to this particular caravan park because it allowed dogs on leads. On your way in it also says that helmets must be worn at all times. So we arrive…and the caravan park ranger owns two dogs, who are not on leads. Within a few hours of having Dookie all tied up I asked him if we could let him off too. He was pretty laid back this guy, and said yes of course. So the rule about dogs on leads is a crock of shit. Then, he happens to have a four year old son who very quickly made friends with Jaxon. He brought down his bike so they could ride together…with no helmet!? We didn’t mind him hanging about too much, since he was taking Jaxon away to play while we struggled with our tent pegs. But when they decided to swap bikes and Neil took Jaxon’s helmet as well as his bike…allowing Jaxon to fall of Neil’s bike without one…I was pretty pissed and sent him packing! So the story goes like this. At 5.30 in the morning I heard Jaxon moving about his tent. I asked him what was wrong and he said he needed to go to the toilet. So off we trot to the toilet blocks. I tried to take his pants down and turn him about to do a wee…only to find that he’s actually done a big wet runny poo for me to clean up. So I cleaned that all up and off to bed we go again.

At 7,30 he woke up once again telling me that he’d done it again. At this point I’m wondering if there is soemthing wrong, or if he’d eaten something that didn’t agree with him. I can’t say he’s ever had diarrhea!?  I get him up, pack a bag of clothes and take him over to the toilet blocks to have a bath this time. While we were getting ready to go Dexter woke up…so Tim had to be woken up too.

Well. They had a ball! It was raining at the time and Tim said Dexter just lay on my pillow looking up at the tent’s roof listening to the rain…and then fell asleep. For another three hours!! We almost got all packed up before he woke up!

So all in all, our trip was a major success. We loved that we were so close to the kids park, so we could see Jaxon and keep an eye on him. We loved that we were so close to the toilet blocks…for reasons which probably no longer need to be explained. And we loved that we were only a 40-50 minute drive from home and felt so secluded and out of town. The park was in a valley surrounded by tree’s that rose above the hill’s. The weather was great bar the one hour of rain on our last day and the park was full of kids for ours to play with. I am super excited that Tim enjoyed himself…and that we’re now going to slowly set ourselves up to go camping with out the need to have Dad there to use his kitchen!

Camping…a success!

Tim doesn’t make it much of a secret that he’s not one for the out doors or camping. I’ve tried three times in the last ten years to introduce him to the joy that it has brought me over the years with absolutely no success.

The first time we went to the Murray River with my Dad and a few of his friends. It was, without a word of a lie, 42 degree’s over night with not a breath of wind. We barely got any sleep all night and then, bright and early at 6am…the canoe race that stops…well, stops us from sleeping…started. So just as we hit that perfect spot between nothing and dreams, all we heard was cheering from people across the river “Come on 86!” “Go 34!!”

Then, in the heat of the day Dad’s friends kids and grand kids went in to the river. Where, evebn as a non parental type…I was disgusted by their language!! These kids, not more than 10 years old were swearing with such disrespect at their parents and anyone with in ear shot had to hear it. Unfortunately, that meant us. We left, even though we were meant to stay for two more nights. I didn’t have to listen to that and it didn’t seem the weather would cool any more either. Complete failure!

The second time we went camping wasn’t so bad as this. We went to Goomburra Forest up in QLD. I believe I posted about it long ago. Everything was going perfectly. The tent went up well. The afternoon was spent taking photo’s and swimming in the creek. But come night time and time for Jaxon to sleep in a bed other than his own?? Absolute disaster!! He cried and cried and screamed and kicked and did everything BUT sleep until 4am in the morning. Then, woke up right on time at 6am! Tim and I were exhausted and he vowed never to give me another chance to show him how bloody good camping was going to be.

But this past weekend, we did go away again. And we DID have fun! In fact, I’d go so far as to say, Tim enjoyed himself more than I did!

Aside from the first two hours of our stay, everything went smoothly. The kids slept well in the tent. Dinner’s, lunches and breakfast went well. Even sleeping for us was comfortable and relaxing.

The first two hours, on the other hand…were kind of annoying. The ground where we went was soft on top, but had a layer of rock about 4 inches under ground. So not just one or two tent pegs hit rocks, or tree stumps and could easily be moved to avoid hitting them again. No matter where you were or what angle you put that tent peg in at it was going to hit the rock. And it was going to bend! Two tents, that should normally take each of us half an hour to put up by ourselves…took TWO HOURS! Two hours of lot’s of swearing and frustration!

But, once that was done very little went wrong. I mean, we had to pump up our air matress by hand because my very old electric air pump died…and Jaxon had diarrhea twice over night and threw up his breakfast on the second morning but still…WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!

As I said, other than that…we had a ball. Over the next few days I’ll share some more photo’s and a video…but for now..this is the most important thing you need to see…

…my boys, having the time of their lives…swinging in the soap on a rope!