When it rains…

When Tash and Doug finally joined us we decided to join all of our gazebo’s together. The crappy $65 one we got from Bunnings died in two days of wind and feral child breaking two of it’s guide ropes. We had to go in to town and spend a lot of money (we missed ebay there!) on a new one.

Anyhoo, we ended up with a 6m X 6m gazebo for the four of us and the five of them. Two kitchens and plenty of space for tables and what not.

But while I got left in camp and the other adults left me with the kids it RAINED! Guess where the rain from the four joining gazebo’s goes when it rains? Yep…IN! So all by myself I had to frantically move everything away from the center.

We also had a couple movie nights in there.



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