Introducing, Gordy!

You’re all well and truley in the know when it comes to Ducky.

This is Dexter’s “Ducky”

His name (which we did not give him, it’s tattooed on his ass) is Gordon. Or Gordy. He is adorable in an ugly kind of way and we’ve MADE him Dexter’s lovey (he’s meant to be an orangutan)

Nom Nom!

Jaxon was the kind of baby that didn’t give two hoots where Tim and I were in the house. He didn’t care if he couldn’t see us. Or hear us. Or anything. He just liked to be left to his own devices and would actually walk (or crawl) away from us if we tried to join him in play.

Dexter on the other hand, likes to know where we are. He likes to follow me about the house and just explore the rooms I go in. Undo washing as I do it kind of thing. Not annoying at all.

So, the other night when I needed to tidy the kitchen up and he was wanting to be under my feet all the time I put him in his high chair facing me and let him loose on some chocolate mousse.

I think he might have enjoyed it a tiny little bit.


(as a side note, Jaxon wont even get his hands messy like this NOW. When I asked if he wanted to try some the little clean freak went and got a spoon to take it off the tip of my finger!)


Oh no!

Slow him down!!!!

It was only two weeks ago that he couldn’t crawl or even sit up on his own…now he’s pulling up and standing.

We’re in BIG TROUBLE!!


I’ve been told I can’t compare Jaxon and Dexter. But when you’re using hand me down clothes from your first born (who becomes “the norm”) on your second son…who is slightly bigger and probably more “norm” than anything, you kinda can’t help but notice the differences.


Jaxon = 14 months old                                                      Dexter = 4 months old


Jaxon never gave us giggles. At this age, Jaxon was trying to work out a way to put an end to global warming. Very serious business if I do say so myself.

I am TOTALLY excited about baby giggles!

Reading Skill’s, need some work!

On a very hot and humid night a week or two ago we had our very first night of calm AND awake Dexter. Normally, the two don’t go together. He’s either awake and crying or awake and eating…or asleep. We sat on the bed in our room with the window’s open for the breeze and got Jaxon to read a book to Dexter.

He does pretty well. The first page reads “Grug had saved enough money to buy his first bike” and then Daddy laughs on the second page because Jaxon is ad libbing. When we read his book to him each night we sometimes get bored and make up our own words. Jaxon laugh in hysterics. Essentially the book is the same but we change the minor details. The book states that Grug buys a bright yellow bike. And Jaxon has changed it to bright blue boat. Just as we would have if we had been reading it. He’s a very clever boy, though it might be a while before he gets through the entire book! (the pages that he did “read” were spot on)

He’s here!!

I know it’s been a long time coming but the beauty of the blog is, I can post it just as if it was written last month…at the appropriate time!

Dexter  is here. Without going in to too much boring detail, I was induced at 36 weeks for high blood pressure. They started it all off at 3.30pm on the 30th of November and he was finally born via emergency c-section at 6.24pm on the 1st of December 2010 (weighing 2.96 kilo’s) I failed to progress past 6 cm’s.

It’s all a bit of a blur now that it’s said and done. The main things I remember are the sweet sweet gas and pethidine and screaming at my OB “get your fucking hands out of me” and crying through the most excruciating contractions for hours without drugs because the midwife had checked to see how far along I was and thought I was fully dilated. She said she was confident she could talk me through the birth without the use of drugs. But four hours later when checked again, I was still stuck at 6 and had been for hours.

Having a second c-section obviously had not been our plan but we don’t regret that it happened. In fact, I sort of wish I’d saved myself the pain and done it from the start!

Jaxon is being an AMAZING big brother. If not annoyingly so. He wants to kiss Dexter all the time, cuddle Dexter all the time and play with him all the time. That, can be annoying when you’ve just spent the last five hours trying to get Dexter to sleep and when you finally do, his big brother plants a kiss on him somewhere only to wake him up for another two hours.

I will try to blog more often. I have photo’s and little Big Brother stories to share. But we are dealing with yet another crying baby…the Dr’s and health Nurses say it’s colic, so forgive me if I can’t be shagged!

157004_465185006999_598601999_6108626_3673204_n36 weeks 4 days pregnant
DSC_0016Sweet Sweet Gas!
DSC_0022Dexter first born. You can see he has a cone head from being stuck in my cervix
for hours. He also had a love bite kind of hickey on his head!
DSC_0030Love at first sight. Daddy and Son meet for the first time.
Tim tells me that he and Dexter spent the two hours waiting
for me to wake up from the surgery walking the hall ways chatting up nurses :)  
DSC_0033Dexter's natural knot in the umbilical cord. This caused much frustration for both
us and the nurses because they could not hear Dexter's heart beat properly through
the monitors and I was not allowed to moved off the bed through contractions while
they were trying to find it. For three hours. Grrr. 
DSC_0036Dexter's weight. 6 pound, 10 ounces
155605_465185746999_598601999_6108636_4189875_nHours old. 


DSC_0055Big Brother lays eyes on Little brother.
Not once has Jaxon been jealous of the extra attention the baby needs.