Warning!! Warning!!

My account for the people that host (store) discoverboo is coming to an end once again and in preparation for our inevitable fuck up and loss of blog, we are starting to take safety precautions.

I am letting you know in advance that discoverboo will probably go off line. And it will most likely be because I pushed the wrong button, clicked the wrong icon or forgot to press SAVE.

I hope to see you again.



If Jaxon goes out in the woods tonight…

Make sure to remember to put mozzie repellant on!!

Jaxon got bitten by a mosquito at a BBQ last weekend.

(see last reaction here)

At first it started out as just a little red mark on his cheek late Saturday night.

By morning it was this…

By afternoon…

By night time it was this.

The only good thing about this bite was that it didn’t itch him and he said it didn’t hurt. He was given an antibiotic because the Doctor couldn’t see in his eye to make sure it wasn’t infected. We couldn’t actually SEE a bite until the swelling finally went down three days later. And, now we have to give him antihistamines if we’re going to be out where he might get bitten.


The last two days have been just like any other. Get up, go to school. Come home. Go back to school. Come home. Fight with kids. Fight with kids. Put kids to bed. Sleep. Nothing unusual about that. Right??

Except that yesterday was ten years since we met each other and today was nine years of marriage.

Do you think we remembered?? Nope! So when I saw this photo I immediately thought…I’d be screwing us both over if I did this!!


Running away, already!

This was Dexter the other night. He decided he was going to run away.

He has all of the essentials here. He has Gordy, his trusty Monkey. He has his Blankies. He has a power cord, and an empty red bag. The blue bag is probably to store food in when he’s living uner a bridge.

This was SO cute!

Grandma Visit’s

Here’s a couple photo’s from Grandma’s latest visit. It was her birthday so we got to celebrate it with her for the first time in six years.

Grandma will be pleased to know that Dexter is sitting with me while I blog and he is saying “MaMa”

Soul Family

Well beautiful readers, while I would love to sit here and painstakingly put up hundreds of photo’s of our two days with our South African friends…I’m too eager to get to bed because I’m heading out to spend two more days with them tomorrow!!

Tim can’t come because he can’t miss school. But the boys and I are sick and we’ve been instructed to stay home from school until Wednesday…so off to Healsville Sanctuary we go!

We had an AMAZING weekend. Words can not describe how much I wish we had known each other in person far longer than we have. Tim and George get along and have a bit of a bro-mance going on. Jeannette and I can sit and laugh for hours drawing stick figures and the boys truly adore each other!! James and Jaxon were moping around all morning until we finally had to say good bye to them on Sunday. James even cried for most of it. It was so sad.

They are, without a doubt, the most beautiful family (outside of my own!) I have ever met. I will miss them when they go, but look forward to doing it all again. Hopefully, in South Africa next time!!

(p.s…moooooooore photo’s to come!!)

Found it!

How the hell did my ring get out here??

Well…I made these SILLY, TIME CONSUMING FLOWER BALLS after I saw someone making it look really easy and QUICK on Better Homes and Gardens.

It involves that spagnum moss stuff that you use inside of flower pots, some stocking legs and some flowers. You had to soak the spagnum moss in water before you could use it and my ring came off IN the bucket. Then, once I’d finished with it, I emptied it out right up the back of the yard.

The ONLY reason I found my ring is because my South African friends Jeannette, George, James and Harry are coming to visit us on Anzac day so I decided to tidy up the back yard a bit. Weeding.

I was just casually picking out weeds when I spotted it out of the corner of my eye and without a word of a lie I said “You’re fucking kidding me”

Talk about the luckiest wedding ring in the world right?? I have a nose ring, which I have had for nearly 12 years now. I have lost it so many times (in the house) and found it so many times that we always call it the luckiest nose ring in the world (I get so depressed when I lose it!) I have found it in the most bizaare places where you typically would not even think to look. But to find my wedding ring, which I honestly thought I had lost down the drain, laying in the back yard like that…makes it even luckier!

Needle in a Haystack

My loyal fan may have noticed recently that I stopped posting on the 5th of April. At the same time, I also deactivated my facebook account and turned my phone off.

Why?? Well, amoung other reasons, I lost my wedding ring. And this upset me a lot.

I first noticed it missing in the shower. So logic would have me think I lost it down the drain. I spent the last two weeks standing in the shower and getting all depressed about my SECOND wedding ring going missing.

Well…I found it. So here’s a photo of where I found it.

Let’s call my ring Wally for a moment…

Jaxon-ism’s 8936

So today Jaxon was out in the sandpit. He came over to me where I was doing some plant potting with his little digger.

He made the digger pick itself up with it’s bucket (or whatever technical term you’d use for the bit that picks up the dirt)

This is the conversation that followed.

Jaxon: Can real diggers do that?
Mum: Yeah, I suppose so.
Jaxon: Can we go and ask a worker to do it for me?
Mum: No Jaxon, I suspect it’s very dangerous.
Jaxon: It’s ok. He just has to make sure his boss doesn’t see.

WTF!? Where does he get this stuff from??

Then the other night he asked me if he could meet the Easter Bunny when he comes to visit. I told him probably not since the Easter Bunny is a very shy creature. He told me it was ok, he would cuddle him and it would be ok!!

Easter Hat Parade!

Jaxon and I spent a lot of time making his Easter hat for the Easter Hat Parade put on by the prep classes at his school today. When I say “and I” I really just me…the AND I bit. Every step of the way I would say “Jaxon come and we’ll do this that or the other for your hat” and Jaxon would inevitably get bored after two minutes of doing it and leave me to it. He did glue most of the aluminum foil on to the hat and he did put a layer of gold gliter paint on it and he did glue three chickens on it. But he had nothing to do with the paper mache bit, or the construction. That was apparently below his interest levels!

I was so proud of him. The parade was AWESOME!! All of the kids came with the different hats and they all looked so pretty.

Jaxon got up and made a little speech about his hat and how HE MADE IT. I’m ever so proud of him! That’s going to have to wait for the next post though!

Dexter cheering on from the side linesThe little girl to Jaxon’s right is Em, his on again off again (five minute rotation) best friend. We meet in the morning and we hang back and play in the afternoons. There is a lot of “Em’s not my friend/Jaxon wont play with me” at the moment :)


It was labor day weekend this past weekend so Jaxon had the day off, though Tim didn’t. The boys and I went to the park and it turns out…Dexter LOVES the slide.

After the first few goes with Jaxon he started to climb 4 inches up the slide and then “slide” down yelling “ahhhhh weeeee”


To build Jaxon’s confidence up we found him a Karate class to go to on Thursday night. This was his first visit and he HATED IT!

He stayed for half an hour and participated but then he got a little overwhelmed by all of the running and screaming and he wanted to stop. We let him stop, but we made him stay for the entire class. Hoping that he would eventually join back in.

That didn’t happen. He sat with one or the other of us and kept saying “I want to go home. Are we going home now. But when are we going home? Is it five minutes yet? Oh it’s taking so long” I was ready to strangle him by the end of that half hour!!

So here is where I say…I’m SORRY MUM for…the ballet classes that I quit because the room was too cold. The piano lessons I quit because I couldn’t get my head around there being more than one set of scales and how will I know which ones to push. I’m sorry about the Judo classes I didn’t want to attend because the instructors nails were too long and dug in to my arms all the time. I’m sorry for the flute lessons that I stopped playing after 4 months. After you brought me an $800 flute. I’m sorry for everything and anything I ever started and wouldn’t finish and I’m sorry, because I probably bitched about it all the time too.

The funny thing is, we hadn’t even left the car park before he said to us “I miss Karate” Come hell or high water…he’s going next week!


I’d just like to correct my error from my last post. It would appear that Nanny and Poppy have been married for 39 years. Not 36 as previously stated.

I’d also like to clarify, for the record…that when I was writing that post I wondered in to Tim and asked “Have your parents been married 36 or 37 years?” and Tim’s response was “Something like that”


I think I need a life!?

Tim’s currently reading the Lord of The Rings series for the first time, though he has seen all of the movies.

Tonight he tell’s me that the more he get’s in to the books the less he remember’s from the movies. I proceed to tell him that all I really remember from the second movie is the ending where they walk over the hill top and look down in to Sodor.

You didn’t see it did you? Or did you immediately recognize that Sodor is the Island that Thomas The Tank Engine lives on?? Tim’s says “I think you mean Mordor Dear”

What?? I think it would sound awesome if Gandolf turned around and said “Buff my Buffers – YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!”

Tell me you can’t see the similarities?

Yes, I need a life.

Camping Again…

The billabong type water hole at the bottom of a hill within the caravan park. I made the mistake of taking Dexter down in his pram and then had to lug him all the way up again!

Dexter having an afternoon nap in the shade. At the time I thought, beauty…I can go have a nap! Tim and Dad where fixing the tail lights on the caravan with Jaxon and Anne was snoozing too so I had the perfect chance to do it. But when push came to shove and I lay in the tent where I could no longer see him all I could think of was…what if someone walks past and nicks Dexter while no one is watching? Once I got that thought in my head nap time opportunity for me was gone!

Tim put the Hammock up while I wasn’t watching. While I didn’t have the camera out. Which is a huge shame becuase from what I hear, Australia’s Funniest Home Video’s may have got a new video from us!

The reference to a soap on a rope came when Jaxon asked Daddy what they were sitting on. Daddy didn’t tell him so I suggested that it might be a tea bag or a soap on a rope. Jaxon went with soap on a rope for a few minutes before we told him what it’s really called. Though I didn’t dare get in, all of the boys had their fair share of fun sitting and swinging in it together or alone.

Dexter spent a good 3-5 hours of his weekend checking out the features of Jaxon’s bike. And still, he didn’t find the bell, which we conveniently didn’t mention in all that time. He was totally mesmerized by Jaxon’s bike! Here might be a good time to mention that Dexter spent the first day of our camping trip in a one piece suit doing what he wanted and going where he wanted. We were right next to the park’s kiddy park and he went there. He came back to us looking for things to do. By the end of the first day his blue suit and white socks were black….but he had a ball with all of his freedom!

See…climbing in to Dad’s caravan!

Cooking dinner under the ever watchful eye of Dad :)

I’m ALWAYS taking photo’s of Tim and the kids together and then reminding him that he has to do the same too. Otherwise we have this blog and photo albums, that *I* spend all of *MY* time lovingly writing posts to so that one day the boys will have a life to look back over…and *I’m* not even in it! It will be as if Tim’s a single Dad who does a heap of stuff with his kids…and I’m the mother who was never around to do anything with them!

So towards the end of most of our family trips I have to say “Take photo’s of MEE with the boys!” even if there had been hundreds of opportunities to do so. Well, this one time he takes photo’s of me without me asking and says he’s taken heaps. But guess what…they all look the same. All THREE of them. Except the wind has blown my hair over my face in one and Dookie is looking guilty for some reason in the other. Get your game on Tim!!!
Camping cooking doesn’t always have to be simple! This is the roast I did on Saturday night. It was to die for!!

A really nice photo of Dad with Dexter. He was tickling him and Dexter was squealing in delight!

Dookie all grown up, three years old. It was kind of funny. We went to this particular caravan park because it allowed dogs on leads. On your way in it also says that helmets must be worn at all times. So we arrive…and the caravan park ranger owns two dogs, who are not on leads. Within a few hours of having Dookie all tied up I asked him if we could let him off too. He was pretty laid back this guy, and said yes of course. So the rule about dogs on leads is a crock of shit. Then, he happens to have a four year old son who very quickly made friends with Jaxon. He brought down his bike so they could ride together…with no helmet!? We didn’t mind him hanging about too much, since he was taking Jaxon away to play while we struggled with our tent pegs. But when they decided to swap bikes and Neil took Jaxon’s helmet as well as his bike…allowing Jaxon to fall of Neil’s bike without one…I was pretty pissed and sent him packing! So the story goes like this. At 5.30 in the morning I heard Jaxon moving about his tent. I asked him what was wrong and he said he needed to go to the toilet. So off we trot to the toilet blocks. I tried to take his pants down and turn him about to do a wee…only to find that he’s actually done a big wet runny poo for me to clean up. So I cleaned that all up and off to bed we go again.

At 7,30 he woke up once again telling me that he’d done it again. At this point I’m wondering if there is soemthing wrong, or if he’d eaten something that didn’t agree with him. I can’t say he’s ever had diarrhea!?  I get him up, pack a bag of clothes and take him over to the toilet blocks to have a bath this time. While we were getting ready to go Dexter woke up…so Tim had to be woken up too.

Well. They had a ball! It was raining at the time and Tim said Dexter just lay on my pillow looking up at the tent’s roof listening to the rain…and then fell asleep. For another three hours!! We almost got all packed up before he woke up!

So all in all, our trip was a major success. We loved that we were so close to the kids park, so we could see Jaxon and keep an eye on him. We loved that we were so close to the toilet blocks…for reasons which probably no longer need to be explained. And we loved that we were only a 40-50 minute drive from home and felt so secluded and out of town. The park was in a valley surrounded by tree’s that rose above the hill’s. The weather was great bar the one hour of rain on our last day and the park was full of kids for ours to play with. I am super excited that Tim enjoyed himself…and that we’re now going to slowly set ourselves up to go camping with out the need to have Dad there to use his kitchen!

Camping…a success!

Tim doesn’t make it much of a secret that he’s not one for the out doors or camping. I’ve tried three times in the last ten years to introduce him to the joy that it has brought me over the years with absolutely no success.

The first time we went to the Murray River with my Dad and a few of his friends. It was, without a word of a lie, 42 degree’s over night with not a breath of wind. We barely got any sleep all night and then, bright and early at 6am…the canoe race that stops…well, stops us from sleeping…started. So just as we hit that perfect spot between nothing and dreams, all we heard was cheering from people across the river “Come on 86!” “Go 34!!”

Then, in the heat of the day Dad’s friends kids and grand kids went in to the river. Where, evebn as a non parental type…I was disgusted by their language!! These kids, not more than 10 years old were swearing with such disrespect at their parents and anyone with in ear shot had to hear it. Unfortunately, that meant us. We left, even though we were meant to stay for two more nights. I didn’t have to listen to that and it didn’t seem the weather would cool any more either. Complete failure!

The second time we went camping wasn’t so bad as this. We went to Goomburra Forest up in QLD. I believe I posted about it long ago. Everything was going perfectly. The tent went up well. The afternoon was spent taking photo’s and swimming in the creek. But come night time and time for Jaxon to sleep in a bed other than his own?? Absolute disaster!! He cried and cried and screamed and kicked and did everything BUT sleep until 4am in the morning. Then, woke up right on time at 6am! Tim and I were exhausted and he vowed never to give me another chance to show him how bloody good camping was going to be.

But this past weekend, we did go away again. And we DID have fun! In fact, I’d go so far as to say, Tim enjoyed himself more than I did!

Aside from the first two hours of our stay, everything went smoothly. The kids slept well in the tent. Dinner’s, lunches and breakfast went well. Even sleeping for us was comfortable and relaxing.

The first two hours, on the other hand…were kind of annoying. The ground where we went was soft on top, but had a layer of rock about 4 inches under ground. So not just one or two tent pegs hit rocks, or tree stumps and could easily be moved to avoid hitting them again. No matter where you were or what angle you put that tent peg in at it was going to hit the rock. And it was going to bend! Two tents, that should normally take each of us half an hour to put up by ourselves…took TWO HOURS! Two hours of lot’s of swearing and frustration!

But, once that was done very little went wrong. I mean, we had to pump up our air matress by hand because my very old electric air pump died…and Jaxon had diarrhea twice over night and threw up his breakfast on the second morning but still…WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!

As I said, other than that…we had a ball. Over the next few days I’ll share some more photo’s and a video…but for now..this is the most important thing you need to see…

…my boys, having the time of their lives…swinging in the soap on a rope!

Jaxon-ism’s 1001 through 1003

I’ve been a bit lazy about this! Jaxon starts school in two days and it’s all about closing doors and opening windows in this house. Even Dexter will be starting a half day of child care on Friday…this Mamma is not liking letting go of all her babies all at once!

Jaxon: Mum, are we going out for dinner tomorrow night?
Mum: Nope.
Jaxon: Are we going out for dinner the day after tomorrow night?
Mum: Nope.
Jaxon: Are we going out for dinner the day after the day after tomorrow night??


In the car, passing a new McDonalds that two days previously hadn’t even been half built.
Mum: Wow.
Dad: See, I told you. Shocked me when I saw it too.
Jaxon: Yeah…it shocked my head off too when I saw it. It shocked my whole body off!

And then, randomness from the boy at dinner tonight. I have no idea where this came from, or why it came to be either!
Jaxon: Mum, we have to make a great big meatball…and paint it blue.
Mum: Um, o-k…

Window Painting

Our landlords promised to frost over the open window at the front of our house so that people wouldn’t be able to see through at night time. It’s one of many lies they’ve told us to get us in to this house.

To rectify this problem…I paint!

It looks awesome at night time from the outside!

Grandma’s Visit

29th November 2011 – 10th December 2011

Grandma took Jaxon to see the Werribee Open Planes Zoo. This is about the only photo she took with the camera. Apparently…it was too hard to push the button so she took her photo’s with her phone. I don’t have those pictures :)

Dexter loves his Grandma!And finally, Tim and I learned that Grandma’s are excellent for flogging off the things you can’t be shagged doing to. Christmas tree’s are so annoying to put up!

Thank you Grandma for your visit. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Jaxon-ism’s – A Sad one…

I am yet to post pictures from our day in the park for Jaxon’s end of year Kinder party. But I will.

Jaxon informed us on the way home from the park, where Santa had rocked up on a Harley and given all the kids lolly pops and hugs, that Santa was “a fake” (his words!)

We’re trying desperately to tell him and have him believe that Santa hires all of those “fake” Santa’s because he can’t be everywhere at once but it’s not going over with him.

I’m sad to think that the magic he finds in Santa may soon be lost. I want to keep it for another year!




Have I told you how much Dexter can eat?

The boy can eat! And he’s so messy! We had no idea how lucky we got it with Jaxon not wanting to get his finger’s dirty in his food! Dexter on the other hand, if it’s within arms reach…it’s going in the mouth!

The other day I caught him wondering about the house with a soapy bit of steel wool in his mouth! When I took that off him, I also found the Rinse Aid for the dish washer hidden away behind him. That’s when we decided to baby proof the kitchen properly :) I’ve taken flies out of his mouth, three day old biscuit thats been hiding under the table. ANYTHING!

Well, this is what he did to his cake for his Birthday BBQ. He was totally unstoppable. If we hadn’t taken the cake off him I’m pretty sure he would have eaten until his belly exploded.

He actually tried to eat the NUMBER ONE candle!

My Beautiful Boys!

This is becoming quite the daily tradition. Dexter wakes up and Jaxon goes in to play with him. This morning though, Jaxon was “teaching” Dexter how to high five and pronouncing “We’re partners Mum”

I’m so proud of Jaxon as a big brother. I have no doubt in my mind that he will forever look after (and perhaps UP) to his little brother for the rest of his life.

Fire Station

Like all little boys, Jaxon and Tim ( :) ) LOVE fire engines. So when the local CFS held an open day over the weekend we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take him along.

Chick Magnet!!Jaxon took this last photo. I think it’s framed very well for a four year old who has had to figure out how to press the button with a hand/arm that barely reaches it!

Dear Hackers…

I understand that it must be lot’s of fun for you to be hacking my site to impress your zit faced friends. But please stop. I do not have the time NOR the ability to be chasing my tail around trying to figure out what the fuck you have done to my documents!

Project one, Complete!!

As I said earlier, I’ve been working on a few projects lately. This is the crane mobile I made for Jaxon’s kinder teacher. There is still one more bird to add but it will need to be made in the morning because Jaxon is going to colour it in and it will go right in the middle at the bottom.


There is about 4 hours of bird folding there. Three hours to make the hoops and three hours to hook up and thread the birds to fishing line.

Now to figure out how to package it so she doesn’t have to spend three hours untangling the birds!!

Too many projects…

At the moment I feel like I have TOO MANY projects going all at once. Most of them, I can’t do while the kids are awake.

I started this project a few weeks ago. I’m going to make hundreds (well, at least 50!) origami paper cranes to hang from the ceiling that joins all of our bedrooms together.

I started these but then scrapped them, because I was trying to make perfect squares out of A4 paper. Which, is actually very difficult. When the squares are off even just a tiny bit…the birds come out messy and I’m anal retentive so that’s just not good enough.

I’ve got some new squares, cut for the purpose and have started again. Only this time I’m making a mobile out of them for Jaxon’s kinder teacher who is sadly leaving for a new job next Friday. So the ceiling birds will have to wait.

Before I decided to scrap these birds I wouldn’t let Jaxon touch them. All he does is break them and then I have to make more. I don’t know if you’ve ever made an origami crane but they’re time consuming. And though I’ve been making them since I was 9, I don’t want to have to keep replacing the one’s I let him play with.

When I decided to get the right paper to do the job the one’s I had already made became Jaxon’s to play with.

I didn’t tell him to colour code them. He did that all by himself. When he’s naughty Nanny and Poppy joke that it’s MY side of the family in him (“That’s the (insert Surname here) in him”)

I’d have to say that a more accurate statement is that when he does things like this…that is MY side in him coming out. Tim will tell you it’s anal. I will tell you it’s just well organized!!

The window in the back ground is my handy work too. When we first moved in the land lord/real estate agent told us they would have the window glazed over “in a few weeks” so no one could see through. As per many other broken promises from them, it’s been months now and still it hasn’t been done. So I painted my design on there with acrylic paints which can be scrapped off and redone as I please. I actually like it that way. I’m thinking about changing it again soon. I get bored easily :)

New Friend…

When Rory died we had decided that we would call our budgie breeder lady (begrudgingly, because boy can she talk your ear off!) and put our name down to receive a pure yellow or pure white budgie the next time she got one. But it turns out that with her male breeder, she only get’s white and yellow females. We need a male. They’re nicer and less bitey. So that wont do.

She told me that she had a bird just out of the nest ready to go now. He was white, with some black on his face and wings and blue under his wings. He sounded great, so I went and got him on Friday.

I picked him up and had him in his little cardboard box when I picked Jaxon up from kinder. I had him sitting on the bench as I told Jaxon I had a surprise and got him to help me set up a new cage. All the while he keeps asking me “What IS my surprise?” and it never clicked to him that it was probably another bird.

I asked Jaxon to go outside and get Rory’s little yellow birdy ladder that somehow became a trampoline toy for his mini Buzz to climb. While he was out I quickly took the new bird out and put him in the cage and WISH I had thought to have the camera ready to capture his look when he realized his surprise was a new bird.

Anyway, this is BUZZ LIGHTWINGS. He’s far younger than Rory was (8 weeks) when we got him. Buzz is only 4 weeks old. I wanted to take him early (he’s still capable of feeding and drinking for himself) so that he would not form relationships within his huge avery and so that he might be easier to hand tame. Rory was already a bit nasty about my hand when we got him home so I never tried to tame him, instead just trying to teach him to talk and whistle.

But Buzz has been here now for a few days and has willingly hopped on my hand a few times now. I spend about 10 minutes over the day just letting him sit on my finger for a few minutes at a time. Sooner or later, I’d like to make him an outside the cage play pen attached to his cage so he can come out and play with the kids.

I happen to think he’s far prettier than Rory was, but don’t tell Jaxon that :)

You Snooze…they snooze….you lose.

Every single night I suffer a huge case of procrastination. The boys go down at about 8 now. Jaxon nods off between then and 9pm depending on how busy his day was and how much we yell at him to be quiet and go to sleep. But when they go down, I procrastinate. I’m tired enough to just go to bed right then and there. But then I start thinking about all the things I want or need to do that I can’t do while the boys are awake.

For instance, I can’t paint while Dexter is awake because he would be getting in to all sorts of trouble while I wasn’t watching. Not to mention he’d probably try to HELP me paint. I can’t paint at the moment while Jaxon is awake or around because he got his paints confiscated for a while for “accidentally” painting a hand print on the wall. I do think it was accidental, but the lesson still needed to be taught.

Then I have several other projects going all at once. I’m making lot’s and lot’s of origami paper cranes to hang from the ceiling either in Dexter’s room or in the corridor that connects all of our bedrooms to each other so we can all enjoy them. That I can’t do in front of Jaxon because he wants to make them too and can’t do it yet. I have tried to get him to make paper airplanes which he can do very well while I do my birds but it’s not good enough for him.

And of course, when they go to bed I noticed all the little things around the house that could be done quickly without them in my way. Like tidying up the kitchen bench. Walking in the kitchen with Dexter in there is like having to do the waltz with him because he is literally my shadow. If I open the dish washer, he’s in it. If I open a draw, he’s in it. Ug!

Well last night my procrastination began at about 8.30pm. I wanted to watch the end of a movie that I had started watching a few nights earlier. So I did. Then some other things happened and it was midnight before we ACTUALLY went to bed. But for those few hours I kept repeating to myself…I should just go to bed. I should go to bed. Go to bed. Right after this bit, I’ll go to bed. But I didn’t. And I regretted it.

Dexter’s become a good sleeper again, now that the majority of his teeth have pushed through (3 on top, two on bottom…none appear to be coming through at the moment) and I don’t “expect” him to wake in the middle of the night anymore. But last night, just as I nodded off he woke up at 1am.

As I got out of bed Tim said to me that he was sorry I had to get up, and even more sorry, but he hoped he would be asleep by the time I got back. As I leaned over to pick up my ugg boots I saw that Dexter’s crying had woken Jaxon. So I turned to him with a snigger and said “That’s ok, you can deal with THAT one”

Well, the plan had been that Jaxon would snuggle with Daddy until I got back (a bottle only takes 10 minutes now and he goes right back down) Well, when I got back…this is what I found.

With my back the way it is I can’t lift Jaxon, and waking him to move him back to his own bed would have caused more trouble than it’s worth. I didn’t have the heart to wake Tim because he’s not sleeping well at the moment so I decided to sleep on the couch for the night.

Normally, Jaxon is up with the birds. But this morning, if I hadn’t set an alarm to wake them both up at 8.30am I’m pretty sure he would have just kept sleeping. Maybe he needs a king sized bed with life sized Daddy doll (with snoring box in back) to keep him sleeping in!?

I put the black pillow under him because he had looked much like he was going to slip off the bed when I checked on him at 2am.

Why couldn’t this happen to me??

A few weeks ago Tim and I had an appointment to attend at the hospital together. On the way, Tim ran out of petrol and had to push his bike a good kilometer to the nearest petrol station. While I waited for a parking spot, in the off street car park we frequent, I got this news via text. I pulled in to the empty space and got out of the car to call Tim. Then I was running late so I rushed to get both boys out of the car and off to the appointment we went.

On return to the car park, it turned out that I’d actally parked in a NO PARKING space without even noticing. We got a $122 fine for doning that. Even though we technically PAID for the car to park in that particular parking lot. The last three spots in it are reserved as NO PARKING with a tiny little sign that no one takes notices of, because after all, you’re in a parking lot…which you pay to park in. Needless to say, we were pissed. It’s purely revenue raising bullshit that traps people in to parking in three spots that are not car parking spaces.

But I just found this interesting article and thought to share it with you because it made me giggle. I hope it makes you giggle too and wish I’d had just as many good excuses to get myself out of a parking fine!

This is the infringement notice this man recieved in 2004.

You can click on the image to get a clearer view.

This was his response to said notice.

New Zealand Police
Infringement Bureau
PO Box 9147

Good morning,


Yesterday, I was presented with the above infringement notice (copy attached for your records) while returning home from the Parachute music festival at Mystery Creek near Hamilton over the long Auckland Anniversary weekend. I had a most excellent weekend, but that is not why I’m writing to you at this time. Unfortunately, there are a couple of irregularities with the infringement notice that are causing me some consternation and hopefully you can clear them up or, preferably, forget about the whole thing entirely.

Firstly, the ‘date of offense’ is listed as the 23rd of June 1974 with the time being at or around half past six in the evening. This is of grave concern to me because I was not issued a drivers license until sometime in 1990 and I have no desire to be charged with driving while not legally licensed. I do not have a clear recollection of very much at all before I was three and a half years old, so I rang Mum to see if she remembered what I was doing that day. She said that – coincidentally – I was born that day!!

Mum mentioned that I was born at around five o’clock in the evening on that day in Porirua, which is not far from Wellington. She also said Porirua was a bustling suburb of young, low-income people who were trying to get ahead. Back in the 70′s, people were coming to terms with oil shocks, high-inflation and wage freezes, but that’s not important right now.

For me to have traveled from Porirua to the foot of the Bombay Hills just out of Auckland by six thirty, I would had to have crawled into the first car in the hospital parking lot and headed for Auckland at around 1,000 km/h. For this reason, it is entirely possible that the constable who clocked me back in 1974 was holding his laser equipment upside down and instead of doing 116 km/h as per the infringement notice, it is more likely that I was doing 911 km/h.

This is where it starts to get really strange. The car that I must have crawled into had the same license plate number as the one I have now – AEH924 (according to the infringement notice). However, my car is a dark gray Nissan Bluebird SSS, with dual cup holders, 1800cc’s of grunt, air-conditioning and electric windows.

You will notice that a time-travel option is not included on this model, so that rules out any ‘Back to the Future’ issues and the car I was driving back then could not have been the the one I drive today.

This is clarified by the infringement notice which states that the vehicle was a Honda saloon. How this relates to my Nissan Bluebird, I cannot fathom. I can only hypothesize that, back in 1974, the first range of proto-type Hondas had an automated number plate changing mechanism (like on the A-Team) which were used to avoid parking tickets and facilitate safer getaways from burglaries, armed hold-ups and the like.

So to recap, it appears that on my birthday on June 23rd 1974, I crawled out of the maternity ward, hijacked a seriously high powered Honda saloon with an automated number plate changing mechanism, drove to Auckland at close to Mach 1, was pulled over approaching the Bombay Hills and unwittingly changed the automated number plate changing mechanism to show the same number as a car I would own almost thirty years later!! (The chance of selecting the same number plate is a mere 1 in 308,915,776 – so quite conceivable)

I am currently residing at the address listed at the top of this letter. I expect you will want to apprehend me fairly shortly now that we’ve established that I may have committed the following offenses:

- Grand theft auto (I probably stole the Honda as my parents drove a white Ford Cortina at that stage)
- Driving without a license
- Driving at a ludicrous speed using a motor vehicle
- Evading the law using an automated number plate changing mechanism.

If you could provide a clearer indication as to why the ‘date of offence’ is the same as my birthday, and why the vehicle make and type bears no resemblance to the number plate listed on the infringement notice, it would be appreciated. Mind you, I wouldn’t be too disappointed if we agreed to let this one go. I could really use the $120 dollars as I’m lowering my Nissan, installing excessively noisy waste-gate and boring it out for better performance in the street drags down Te Irirangi drive and around Weymouth.

Thank you for considering my submission, I look forward to hearing from you.



Justin Lee


This was the response he recieved.

Lucky Git!


Dexter is taking after his big brother and forming the cutest ever mohawk. The only thing is it only sticks up when it’s wet!!


Jaxon’s Mow disappeared as soon as he had his first hair cut…so Dexter is never getting a hair cut!

(I have to dig out pictures of Jaxon’s one, his was super cute and stuck up without being wet or needing gel!)