Jaxon-ism’s – A Sad one…

I am yet to post pictures from our day in the park for Jaxon’s end of year Kinder party. But I will.

Jaxon informed us on the way home from the park, where Santa had rocked up on a Harley and given all the kids lolly pops and hugs, that Santa was “a fake” (his words!)

We’re trying desperately to tell him and have him believe that Santa hires all of those “fake” Santa’s because he can’t be everywhere at once but it’s not going over with him.

I’m sad to think that the magic he finds in Santa may soon be lost. I want to keep it for another year!



My Beautiful Boys!

This is becoming quite the daily tradition. Dexter wakes up and Jaxon goes in to play with him. This morning though, Jaxon was “teaching” Dexter how to high five and pronouncing “We’re partners Mum”

I’m so proud of Jaxon as a big brother. I have no doubt in my mind that he will forever look after (and perhaps UP) to his little brother for the rest of his life.

Primary School!!

Jaxon had his first day of Primary School Orientation today! I don’t know who was more excited…me or him.

I tell you who wasn’t so excited?? The mother of that little girl standing with Jaxon and holding his hand.

Her name is Maddy and they are friends from Kinder as well. So when Jaxon spotted her, he immediately went and grabbed her by the hand and whisked her away to their “yellow” group.

In the mean time, her mother is sitting there all flustered and wanting to cry because her little girl just ran off with a strange little boy and forgot to say good bye to her!

I thought she was going to stampede through a group of 4.5 year old’s in the line to get there in time for a hug.

New Friend…

When Rory died we had decided that we would call our budgie breeder lady (begrudgingly, because boy can she talk your ear off!) and put our name down to receive a pure yellow or pure white budgie the next time she got one. But it turns out that with her male breeder, she only get’s white and yellow females. We need a male. They’re nicer and less bitey. So that wont do.

She told me that she had a bird just out of the nest ready to go now. He was white, with some black on his face and wings and blue under his wings. He sounded great, so I went and got him on Friday.

I picked him up and had him in his little cardboard box when I picked Jaxon up from kinder. I had him sitting on the bench as I told Jaxon I had a surprise and got him to help me set up a new cage. All the while he keeps asking me “What IS my surprise?” and it never clicked to him that it was probably another bird.

I asked Jaxon to go outside and get Rory’s little yellow birdy ladder that somehow became a trampoline toy for his mini Buzz to climb. While he was out I quickly took the new bird out and put him in the cage and WISH I had thought to have the camera ready to capture his look when he realized his surprise was a new bird.

Anyway, this is BUZZ LIGHTWINGS. He’s far younger than Rory was (8 weeks) when we got him. Buzz is only 4 weeks old. I wanted to take him early (he’s still capable of feeding and drinking for himself) so that he would not form relationships within his huge avery and so that he might be easier to hand tame. Rory was already a bit nasty about my hand when we got him home so I never tried to tame him, instead just trying to teach him to talk and whistle.

But Buzz has been here now for a few days and has willingly hopped on my hand a few times now. I spend about 10 minutes over the day just letting him sit on my finger for a few minutes at a time. Sooner or later, I’d like to make him an outside the cage play pen attached to his cage so he can come out and play with the kids.

I happen to think he’s far prettier than Rory was, but don’t tell Jaxon that :)

You Snooze…they snooze….you lose.

Every single night I suffer a huge case of procrastination. The boys go down at about 8 now. Jaxon nods off between then and 9pm depending on how busy his day was and how much we yell at him to be quiet and go to sleep. But when they go down, I procrastinate. I’m tired enough to just go to bed right then and there. But then I start thinking about all the things I want or need to do that I can’t do while the boys are awake.

For instance, I can’t paint while Dexter is awake because he would be getting in to all sorts of trouble while I wasn’t watching. Not to mention he’d probably try to HELP me paint. I can’t paint at the moment while Jaxon is awake or around because he got his paints confiscated for a while for “accidentally” painting a hand print on the wall. I do think it was accidental, but the lesson still needed to be taught.

Then I have several other projects going all at once. I’m making lot’s and lot’s of origami paper cranes to hang from the ceiling either in Dexter’s room or in the corridor that connects all of our bedrooms to each other so we can all enjoy them. That I can’t do in front of Jaxon because he wants to make them too and can’t do it yet. I have tried to get him to make paper airplanes which he can do very well while I do my birds but it’s not good enough for him.

And of course, when they go to bed I noticed all the little things around the house that could be done quickly without them in my way. Like tidying up the kitchen bench. Walking in the kitchen with Dexter in there is like having to do the waltz with him because he is literally my shadow. If I open the dish washer, he’s in it. If I open a draw, he’s in it. Ug!

Well last night my procrastination began at about 8.30pm. I wanted to watch the end of a movie that I had started watching a few nights earlier. So I did. Then some other things happened and it was midnight before we ACTUALLY went to bed. But for those few hours I kept repeating to myself…I should just go to bed. I should go to bed. Go to bed. Right after this bit, I’ll go to bed. But I didn’t. And I regretted it.

Dexter’s become a good sleeper again, now that the majority of his teeth have pushed through (3 on top, two on bottom…none appear to be coming through at the moment) and I don’t “expect” him to wake in the middle of the night anymore. But last night, just as I nodded off he woke up at 1am.

As I got out of bed Tim said to me that he was sorry I had to get up, and even more sorry, but he hoped he would be asleep by the time I got back. As I leaned over to pick up my ugg boots I saw that Dexter’s crying had woken Jaxon. So I turned to him with a snigger and said “That’s ok, you can deal with THAT one”

Well, the plan had been that Jaxon would snuggle with Daddy until I got back (a bottle only takes 10 minutes now and he goes right back down) Well, when I got back…this is what I found.

With my back the way it is I can’t lift Jaxon, and waking him to move him back to his own bed would have caused more trouble than it’s worth. I didn’t have the heart to wake Tim because he’s not sleeping well at the moment so I decided to sleep on the couch for the night.

Normally, Jaxon is up with the birds. But this morning, if I hadn’t set an alarm to wake them both up at 8.30am I’m pretty sure he would have just kept sleeping. Maybe he needs a king sized bed with life sized Daddy doll (with snoring box in back) to keep him sleeping in!?

I put the black pillow under him because he had looked much like he was going to slip off the bed when I checked on him at 2am.

Brothers just wanna have fun…

Every time Dexter wakes up and we can hear him stirring through the monitor Jaxon will ask me if he can “Go and say hello”

Today though, as I listened to him saying hello, the playing seemed to be going on forever. Normally either Jaxon comes out proclaiming he’s done saying hello or Dexter get’s so hungry that he starts to kick up a fuss.

None of that today. I finally got suspicious and went to see what all the giggling was about.

Love my Nanny!

Nanny made Jaxon the most beautiful quilt these past few weeks. It is absolutely AMAZING! Jaxon loves it, we love it and it might just be the thing he needs to get away from his teeny weeny Sesame Street cot blanket that his feet have been hanging out from for months now! Thank you Nanny, we LOVE it and I’m glad you didn’t sew your thumb to this one…ouch!!!



Roary, the Racing Bird…

Believe it or not….Jaxon HATES birds! But he was the one who asked us to get one for him after watching RIO. At first he jumped each time Roary moved about the cage. And every time he cheeped Jaxon’s jaw would drop as if to say “Holy Shit!”


But now he sits by him in the mornings and draws pictures for him. Now he asks him questions as if he might reply.

We’re slowly taming Roary behind Jaxon’s back. Jaxon wants for him to come out and play with us but I don’t think he’s really ready for a flying bird in the house yet.

Dinner Time Fun!

I’m pretty sure that my Mum is going to come along and say that I did this too. But I assure you she’s lying. I know this, because she has no photographic proof like I do and I don’t remember being like this. Seeing is believing people. I WAS NOT like this at all! (Promise)




I’ve been told I can’t compare Jaxon and Dexter. But when you’re using hand me down clothes from your first born (who becomes “the norm”) on your second son…who is slightly bigger and probably more “norm” than anything, you kinda can’t help but notice the differences.


Jaxon = 14 months old                                                      Dexter = 4 months old

We’re screwed…

Typically, when we don’t want Jaxon to know something we’re about to say, we spell it out. It makes life easier for us and I KNOW other parents do it too.It means that we don’t have to tell him certain things until they’re actually happening, hence, avoiding tantrums!

Some examples of this would be:

“P A R K ” (Let’s take the kids to the park after dinner”)

or “I C E  C R E A M”(Let’s have ice cream when Jaxon’s gone to bed”)

or “N and P’s Tonight?” (“Let’s go and see Nanny and Poppy tonight”)

This morning though, we figured that in another year we wont be able to do that. Because Jaxon is SO SMART. He’ll know soon enough what we’re up to.

We discussed it thoroughly. We’ll next have to start using Pig Latin. It should be at least another 6 or 7 years before he can figure that out. And after that we may actually have to learn another language. It’s either that or we need to make up our own language.

I’ve left learning Morse code off of this list of to-do’s because Mum and Dad did that to Terry and I. It didn’t work though because our brains picked up on the language much faster than theirs did and soon enough Terry and I would hear them doing their beeps and dashes to each other and respond “Ewe!” or “Can we can we can we?”or “There’s an image I could live without Dad!”

Tim and I are screwed!

Jaxon-ism’s (03)

Daddy: If you eat all of your dinner Jaxon you can come and water the garden with me” (Jaxon is a terrible dinner eater and will only have a bite or two of what he’s given)

Jaxon: I have a better idea Daddy. If I drink all of my drink I can come and water the gardens with you. What do you think Daddy??

Mummy’s little Helper?

In the space of about 24 hours Jaxon has become Mr Independent.

Yesterday, he did something to the dishwasher. I don’t know what but it ran for an entire night. When I opened it in the morning and it STILL wasn’t finished it’s first cycle Jaxon looked at me and said “I did it by myself” He’d even put in a dish washing tablet.

Then this morning, he poured himself a drink. He also poured the bench a drink. And the floor a drink.

He has learned that he can get to the freezer all by himself. He now comes to us with his hands behind his back only to pull out an icy pole asking “Can I have this one?”

Several times a day.

Today he helped me push the button’s on the washing machine. I was cleaning sheets. While I was giving Dexter a bottle the load finished and started beeping. It beeps every five minutes just to remind you that you have not done your motherly duties yet. When I finished up with Dexter and went to hang the sheets out, the washing machine had been started again. My sheets are very clean.

Today we made cookies together. The kind where you buy the dough and just cut it up ready to go. These things never work so Daddy and I decided to make a MONSTER COOKIE. We had nothing to lose, since they never work. When they came out of the oven and were cooled we came in to the kitchen to share it around. Only to find that it was ALL gone. I bet it was the best cookie ever. Jaxon will tell you that anyway.

He’s also learned to navigate the computer. In particular my facebook account. I’ve found him many times just looking through our photo’s. Or photo’s of my friends.

The only really good thing he’s learned to do all by himself is get himself dressed.

Social Butterfly

I honestly don’t know where he get’s it from. I don’t know if the way we have raised him has made him the person that he is or if he would have been like this anyway. But Jaxon is the most social person I have ever met.

For example. I took him to the park after dinner tonight and the first thing he did was go and make friends with all of the adults in the park. And then all of the kids.

His conversations went something like “Hello, what’s your name? My name’s Jaxon. Its nice to meet you. Do you know my baby brothers name? It’s Dexter. How old are you? I’m 31″ and on and on.

He proceeded to drag everyone in to a make believe ice cream shop where they all got to order their own ice cream and then give him wood chips as payments.  Only I seemed to be uncomfortable with this. Everyone else thought it was just adorable that this 4 year old thinks he’s 31 (and acts 31) and wants to play with everyone.

Heaven forbid any of them decide to leave the park without saying good bye. Because he would run after them yelling “bye. Have a good night. It was great seeing you” as the hopped in to their cars.

I worry about many things when it comes to Jaxon and how he’s going to deal with the things life is throwing at him. But making friends and being the most polite and friendly and accepting person in the world is never going to be a concern.

Jaxon Turns FOUR!

It’s so hard to believe that Jaxon is now four years old. It seems like millions of years ago that we were anxiously awaiting his arrival. Yet here we are. He actually made it this far!









The cake was made by Daddy and Jaxon. Daddy was given very specific instructions on what it had to be. It had to be a strawberry flavoured cake that was green, with red icing. Despite looking a little odd, the cake was delicious!


Jaxon is quite obsessed with boats. Last year, when it came time for us to VOTE I heard Daddy telling Jaxon that he needed to get dressed so we could go. Minutes later Jaxon came dashing in to me yelling “Mummy, we’re going on a BOAT and I’m going to catch FISH!”

Recently we decided that it was time Jaxon got some alone time with just Daddy and I. So we gave Dexter to Nanny for the day and headed to the local ferry, which travel’s an hour each way in to the city. When we finally told Jaxon we were taking him on a boat he lit up with excitement. And then asked to go and get his fishing rod.

We had a fantastic day and I’m sure this will be a wonderful memory for Jaxon. We got to see a sea plane take off, a black swan, a big ship, lot’s of bridges, the city and of course…we got to go on a boat.

Jaxon got to drive for about 15 minutes. Before the boat came in to dock I pointed out the man in the white shirt as the Captain. We entered the cabin and the second the man in the white shirt came in Jaxon yelled out to him “Hi Captain!!!” Minutes later, once we had been turned around and were heading out to sea the Captain came and got Jaxon and put him in the Captains seat. He stood there talking to him and let him take the wheel. Jaxon would steer us off course and the Captain would ask to have a turn to steer us back. Then Jaxon would steer us off course…and the Captain would steer us back. And so on. He had a ball!!









Reading Skill’s, need some work!

On a very hot and humid night a week or two ago we had our very first night of calm AND awake Dexter. Normally, the two don’t go together. He’s either awake and crying or awake and eating…or asleep. We sat on the bed in our room with the window’s open for the breeze and got Jaxon to read a book to Dexter.

He does pretty well. The first page reads “Grug had saved enough money to buy his first bike” and then Daddy laughs on the second page because Jaxon is ad libbing. When we read his book to him each night we sometimes get bored and make up our own words. Jaxon laugh in hysterics. Essentially the book is the same but we change the minor details. The book states that Grug buys a bright yellow bike. And Jaxon has changed it to bright blue boat. Just as we would have if we had been reading it. He’s a very clever boy, though it might be a while before he gets through the entire book! (the pages that he did “read” were spot on)

Sore Throats will do that to you!

I had actually intended to come here today to tell you all about Jaxon’s new found skill of song writing. But that can wait another day because today, he made me laugh so hard and it has to be recorded!

My morning sickness is getting pretty bad now. Up until today, I’ve only been forced to go and drive the porcelain bus once in front of Jaxon. Today, I had to do it again.

So there I am trying not to just do it. Trying to prepare Jaxon for what’s coming.

Mummy: Jaxon, Mummy’s going to be sick.

Jaxon: Mummy you come with me?

Mummy: Jaxon, Mummy needs to be sick in the toilet.

Then I start heaving.

Jaxon stands there, different to his father in that he put his hand on my back and patted me while I was sick. His Daddy would be making jokes about holding hair back and pretending to dry heave.

Then he says to me “Mummy, you got a sore throat?”

Mid heave, I have to laugh. Do you know how hard that is!? I tell him, yes…something …like …that. Heave.

Mummy, you need to have some panadol!

OMG! It hurts my entire body to throw up at this stage in the pregnancy. But let me tell you, it hurts to LAUGH and throw up even more! Who would have thought you could be made to laugh during one of life’s more awful events!?

By far….

This is by far, the nicest photo I have ever managed to snap of Tim.

tim and Jaxon

See that thing on his face?? The smile?? Not often I get that. I had to say something really funny to get that smile and though it’s totally suitable for your ears and Jaxon’s ears and anyone’s ears that might be close enough to hear, I’m not saying what it was.

I shall just remember that for next time. And Tim, there WILL be a next time. I love seeing you smile!!


A couple weeks ago (I KNOW! I’m getting slack!) Jaxon and I went with Tasha and her kids to see a live show of Dora the Explorer.

We weren’t meant to take photo’s I don’t think…or video. But we did, as did everyone else.

I was so incredibly impressed with all of our kids who were so well behaved for us. I fully expected to be all stressed out and in fact, I was dreading the experience for weeks. But they did as they were told, they held hands and crossed the roads well. They stayed together as a group and not one of them chucked a hissy fit. I was just so HAPPY with them all!!

The funny thing was that Tasha’s youngest Abbi and Jaxon took a very long time to figure out that the stage was not just a HUGE TV! I actually think Jaxon STILL thinks he just went to the movies!!

Here’s some pics.














Jaxon was so impressed with the show that even now, weeks after we went he’s still asking me to sing “Pyramid, jungle, lost city” and if I don’t put the right kind of SPIN on “loooost city” like Dora does…well!! I might as well be dead to him!

A BIG thank you to Michael who gave us the tickets to go!

Dibber Dobber

There are a lot of changes going on around here at the moment.

Among them, we’re upgrading our spare bed from a blow up mattress to a proper bed for times when Grandma comes to visit.

We got our new bed frame, and Tim gave it a coat of vanish. It’s not wet anymore but it’s still a little grabby.

So as we’re in the room assembling it with Jaxon playing with Buzz Lightyear in the middle of us we tell him he’s not allowed to touch it.

Then we needed to leave to get the remaining bits to the bed and as we leave we reinforce our request for him not to touch while we’re gone.

On our way out to the shed Tim asks me how long I think it will be before he touches it. And I tell him he’ll do it just once “just to figure out WHY we asked him not to touch it”

When we return we fully expected that Jaxon would have his sticky little mits on the bed frame. Instead, there’s Jaxon holding Buzz in such a way that his hand was touching it!

He proclaims “Buzz touched it! Buzz touched it!”

Evil little genius he is!?

Routine – down pat.

We’ve got a fairly solid bed time routine set up with Jaxon, even if we’re slightly lax during the day about when we have meals and naps and plays.

It was all too obvious tonight, given the conversation that Jaxon and I had as I left his room.

It’s normally ME saying this stuff to him and him repeating it to me!

Jaxon: Leave the door open a little bit Mum (peease)

Mum: Yes, I will Jaxon

Jaxon: See you in five minutes Mum.

Mum: Um, ok!?

Jaxon:  “I love you Mum”

Mum: I love you too Jaxon!

Jaxon: Sweet Dreams Mum

Mum: Sweet Dreams Jaxon

Jaxon: See you in the morning Mum

Mum: Yes Jaxon

Jaxon: Sleep tight Mum

Mum: Jaxon, you’re stalling. Go to sleep.

Jaxon: Yes Mum.

As I’m walking off, and now no where for him to see I can still hear him yelling out “Night Mum!!”


This is what happens on an ordinary night…when parents ASSUME that their child has gone quietly off to sleep.

At 11.30 tonight, after watching our normal nightly documentary…I went to check on Jaxon.  I didn’t panic so much when I saw from a distance that his light was on. Sometimes he does that. But normally, he’s asleep.

Tonight…not so much sleeping was happening.

When I walked in all I could say was “JAXON!”

He began to cry immediately. Like deep down inside he knew he was going to get in trouble all along.

But I couldn’t help but LAUGH! So much so that I had to stop to go to the toilet.

He cried to Daddy that he hurt his head, here…here…and here. And over there. And he wet his pants. And could we please change him now.

You gotta love em, right!?




That little blue cup of water on his bed side table looked like it had an inch of slim on the bottom of it. When I took the sheet off the bed the room was filled with white smoke. There is a layer of powder on EVERYTHING and it smells VERY pretty in there.

Five Minutes Jaxon

When the terrible threes hit hard here we found ourselves dealing with a very head strong little man. One who didn’t like being told it was bed time, or time to leave the park or time to do anything for that matter.One little boy, who would kick and scream all the way home if it wasn’t something he didn’t want to do.

So a few weeks ago we implemented the five minute warning. It’s fairly obvious what that is, but just in case you’re a little behind the 8-ball today…it means that we give Jaxon a five minute warning for something very specific that is going to happen. Five minutes until bed time Jaxon, five minutes until we leave Jaxon, five minutes left in the bath Jaxon. It’s not just a five minute warning, but a follow up of 4-3-2 and 1 minute warnings right up until it’s time he does what we’re telling him.

This method of warning Jaxon that we would soon expect him to do as he was told, or that something was about to change works very well. So well in fact that now, if we should happen to forget to give him his five minute warning….he will remind us.

Tonight, for instance, when  I told him it was bed time BEFORE telling him it was five minutes until bed time, Jaxon said “No Mum, three minutes till bedtime”

I used to think it was kind of cute. And truth be told I still do. But it’s also a little annoying because I know that after *I* have implemented the five minute warning, then it’s only fair that when I have forgotten to give him that warning…I should anyway. Especially, if he reminds me of it!

Toliet Training

Has well and truly started in this house hold.So far, so good. I think.

I just thought I would drop in and say that I find it funny that Jaxon demands absolute privacy when he’s on the toilet. But thinks nothing of asking Mum for a HUG while she does her own thing.

Daddy and I can’t be within “looking distance” when he’s on the loo. He demands that we leave. And he wont do his thing until we’re out of sight. But then the minute either of us need to go to the toilet ourselves…there he is.

“What ya doing Mum?”

“I’m on the toilet Jaxon”

“Can I have a cuddle Mum?”

Bye Daddy!

Ever since Daddy went back to school this has become our daily tradition.

Each morning as Tim get’s himself ready Jaxon goes through his little check list with him.

“Got helmet Daddy?”

“Got gloves Daddy?”

“Got keys Daddy?”

“Got wallet Daddy?”

The list goes on, right until Jaxon is satisfied that Daddy is in fact ready to leave the house.

Then we always make sure we go out and wave good bye. We wait until Daddy is out of the street and not a moment sooner will Jaxon let me start to walk inside.

When Daddy is coming home we can hear him from anywhere in the house. In this big shrill voice Jaxon will scream at me with bright eyes “Daddy’s come home!!!” and he rushes to the garage door to welcome him in.

Jaxon and I are extremely proud of Daddy, who is almost done with exam’s for his first semester back at Uni. It’s not been easy. In fact, there have been days where I honestly thought Tim wouldn’t be going back. But he stuck it out and I’m so proud of him.

A day of firsts…

Tim and I have been having the toilet training talk with Jaxon for quite some time now.

It started almost 1.5 years ago when over summer, we left Jaxon in undies.

But we think the issue with that was he HAD AN ACCIDENT and he really REALLY didn’t like it.

So for the past few months we’ve been bringing it up on and off with him with absolutely NO success at all.

Until today. While I was cooking and Jaxon was doing his own thing I happened to sneak a peak at him in his bedroom. There, I found him walking around with a potty on his head. I’m sure we’ve all been busted doing that at some point in our lives right??

Then, about half an hour later I saw him run from his bedroom to the bathroom with no nappy on. And then…HE PUT UNDIES ON!

This is HUGE!

Seriously, if I’d told Jaxon three weeks ago we were done with nappies and all he could wear was undies he would have been clinging on to my feet as I tried to ignore him screaming the house down “NEEEEED NAAAAAAAPPPPPY!!!”

So for the rest of the evening Jaxon wore undies. And nothing else.

But then came dinner time. Yet another thing we’ve been discussing with Jaxon for some time now.

The issue is, he doesn’t want to eat. And for a while we would say to him “You eat your dinner, or you GO TO BED!”

And the evil little genius that he is, would get up and go to bed. Don’t laugh. He has also been known to throw his OWN toys in the bin if we threaten that we will throw them out if he doesn’t pick them up and look after them.

Tonight we figured, since he doesn’t seem to mind getting told to go to bed, then we would force him to stay at the table.

He told us “Can’t eat dinner. Too tired” and we ignored him time after time.

This is how our new direction went tonight.


IMG_1694This is the first time Jaxon has ever fallen asleep at the table. I don’t think he even slept on the boob for those few short weeks we got to breast feed.

(side note: I wasn’t going to put that last photo up, given the position of his hand. But then, I just got all proud of him for doing it with his right hand :) So it stays, as a milestone post :) )

Jam Practice

This afternoon Jaxon and I had to go and wait to see an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Jaxon is such a friendly, talkative kid that he’d made quite a few friends in there. He tell’s them all about the “new shoes” he has (the one’s we bought him back in January) and all about the rainbow he got to see today (the one he saw the day we went bowling) and all about how Daddy is at school.

He’s talking to this one lady about Daddy and he turns to me and he says “Mum…Dad at school??” and I say “Yes, Dad is at school practicing for exams ”

Then clear as day Jaxon repeats what he has heard. Only all he says is “Jam practice?”

The friends that he has made, and many of the various strangers that have been listening in on his conversations around the room all simultaneously erupt in to laughter. And it doesn’t stop when Jaxon continues on to say “got toast too Mum?”


Jaxon’s Nanny made him a rug.

This is what he does with it for some of the time.


The rest of the time it’s being lugged from room to room. He hides under it, he rolls on it. He sits on it. He loves it!

Thank you Nanny!

Planning Ahead

These past few weeks I’ve been getting in the habit of locking the car in the garage. Normally, we don’t do that. But for some reason, I’ve started doing it.

Perhaps it’s a gut feeling.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve seen those news reports where they tell us all about the three year old kid who took Mum and Dad’s car for a joy ride.

Perhaps, my son is just too clever. This is something I don’t need a lot of imagination for to see that Jaxon could be that child.

And it would be just my luck…to be THAT mother!

Jaxon is well and truly capable of going in to the garage undetected. He knows how to open the car. He knows what the keys do. He even knows how to open the garage door with the remote.

So yes. Now we lock the car and hide the keys away when we get home.

I’d rather my fifteen minutes of fame not come from Jaxon getting pulled over for speeding.

So much to say….

I just don’t know why I don’t post more often. I have so much to say. So many changes to our lives to report. And yet, I just can’t find the motivation to sit down and report them to you. Yet.

The biggest thing, would have to be the changes in Jaxon. Where once we had to report his physical abilities changing and growing…now we have his mental abilities changing and growing.

He really is becoming a little man. And he talks SO MUCH!

I mean…the boy NEVER shuts up.

There are so many things that he says these days that it get’s a bit hard to come here and write about just one thing. Without boring everyone with the simple details that make it all fit together.

Like the other day when Jaxon was sitting on the couch with Daddy and out of the blue asked “Sleep well Daddy?” and Daddy replies “Yeah I did. What about you Jaxon?” and Jaxon just nodded. He acted as if this was an every day kind of thing. To be having a back and forth with his Dad. But really, it was new to us and amazing!

I really should just get off my ass and come here to report this stuff more often. So I don’t forget about it in years to come. And I really should tell you about all of the other things happening in our lives too…like….nah. You can wait :)




Jaxon, growing up…

We’re finding that with this parenting thing we have peaks and troughs with who has dominance in the family. Mostly it’s us. But every now and then Jaxon up’s the antes and it takes a week or two to figure out how to deal with it.

So the last week he’s totally had it over us. But tonight I think we finally got it back (for now)

He didn’t eat his dinner. And he didn’t ask to leave the table. And normally, he might get away with that and maybe even get some kind of snack later on if he was hungry.

But tonight, we made a point. He got sent to his room twice. Preferring to play with Mack and Lightning McQueen than sit at the table with us.

In the end, he didn’t eat his dinner. But we made it very clear that after dinner there would be nothing else. And if he got hungry, then we would reheat his dinner for him.

I locked the fridge, I shut the pantry door. But two hours later when he found a bag of tiny teddies somewhere and wanted them I refused. I reheated his dinner.

He ate it.

Control. Bring it on Jaxon!

History Repeating

This is a photo of my great, great great great grandfather. Followed by a photo of my Dad. I asked him if his Dad looked like him when he was younger and the answer is no. And then his grandpa died before he was born so we don’t know about that one either.

zip weekend-43

zip weekend-44

That’s not actually a good photo to show the likeness. I’ll have to get Dad to stand and look the way G-Grand-Daddy is standing. They have the same nose, the same eye shape and eye brow shape. Same eyes and I bet they have the same gingerish hair. When Dad has his hair combed…he even has that little cowlick at the front.

I wonder if Jaxon will look like his great great great grandfather too??

Michael and Kylie, Michael and Kylie, Michael and Kylie!!!

When I first met Tim way back when, I was partially living with an ex boyfriend of mine and his brother and girlfriend Michael and Kylie. As friends. Michael and I were very good friends…but when I met Tim it sort of became a little uncomfortable to be visiting an ex with a new boyfriend. So slowly (or rather quickly actually) I stopped visiting Bill (the ex) and as a result, I didn’t see Michael much anymore.

I hadn’t spoken to him for 7 years. But then, by chance and through the magic of “reply all” on one of Bill’s many rant email’s about the injustice that is having your license taken off you for multiple offences, Michael and I got back in contact.

Well it turns out that Michael and Kylie have been married, and built their own home. Which, I kid you not…is one street away from us! And Bill no longer lives with them. SO! We get to see each other again and we’re all very happy again.

Jaxon though, has taken a very strong liking to both Michael and Kylie. To the point of obsession.

He yells at us if we pass the little street that leads to their house on our way home.

He asks each and every morning if we’re going to see Michael and Kylie.

Sometimes, when he’s hurt himself and we’re trying to comfort him…he asks to see Michael and Kylie.

And when we visit them, he doesn’t want to leave!

On New Years Eve,  I had to take Tim home because he’d had his injection and wasn’t feeling very well. So I told Jaxon that I was leaving and he was sitting at the kitchen bench having a drink next to Michael. All I got was a “Bye Mum” with a wave.

Tonight, when we were preparing to leave he was sitting on the step outside with us all chatting away to Michael. He was telling him, in a matter of fact kind of way that “Mummy and Daddy go home now” and we could see the “hmph, I guess that means I’ll have to go with them” in his posture. He was devastated that he had to leave!

Other than Nanny and Poppy I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jaxon so taken by any one person for longer than 3.2 seconds. It’s just amazing. He loves them to death! And might I say, it’s GREAT to have friends who are also so in love with Jaxon. They adore him. If Jaxon could have Godparents…Michael and Kylie would be top of the list!